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Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ASMBASS, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. can anyone one tell me where aep is located

  2. i live in canton ohio but my mom and stepdad live in malta ohio right across the river from mconnelsville if you hit rt 77 south to the caldwell rt 78 exit turn right on 78 and it will pretty much take you through the heart of aep lands there are other roads through aep lands rt 83 i think is one of them and some other township and county rds best thing to do is get a county road map im not sure what county that is but i know morgan county starts on the side closest to mconnelsville. i hope this helps you as aep land have some great fishing oppurtunities oh also i know the last time we went there some of the pond were of limits my stepdad has a map telling which ones but dont ask me where he got it maybe i can get a copy or find out where to get one. anyway if you find it good luck and be safe.
  3. dmk


    The ohio power ponds are many and are located on ohio route 78 east out of McConnelsville in Bristol township. 78 is the route from McConnelsville to Caldwell. The ponds are fairly well marked; some are easy access and some are tough to get to. Please be aware that you need a permit to fish them. I am originally from Malta and know the area well. Also, be aware that 77 is interstate and you would go west on 78. It is also possible to get to McConnelsville on Ohio Rt 60 which follows the Muskingum river down from Zanesville.