Aep week of the 4th.

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by squid_1, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Haven't seen any AEP reports lately. I'm heading down for the week of the 4th. Anyone else going down?
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    I'll definitely be trying to get down there that week sometime and get the ol' Jon Boat into the water at a couple of the easier lakes (42, 41, etc)

    I was down there yesterday afternoon and did some fishing at a half dozen ponds. Started around campsite K and got nothing. Left and went down 83 to the road across from Campsite A (Hook Lake?). Fished 3 lakes on that road and caught something at each of them. I was fishing with a Roadrunner and caught several Bass. My buddy didn't do so well though. Caught my nicest bass in the southeastern corner of Lake 41. Watch out for SNAKES though!!

    Good Luck down there,

  3. Went out last night about 7:00 pm hit several ponds across from the old Renrock parking area. Did not do to well put 4 in the cooler all about 2lbs. I think the heavy heat has oushed most of the hawgs to deeper water.