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  1. Anyone fish AEP this weekend? I know that there was a group of people from the “old” site that were going last weekend. I need an updated report! I will be there early Thursday morning, and plan to fish through the weekend (yes, I know that it will be raining all weekend). So, how is the bassin? Are most of the bass in post spawn? Lure selection for post spawn? GPS coordinates to the best ponds for MONSTER bass….LOL
  2. Buckeye trail ponds? I’m going over the map here at work (really just picking “off-the-road “ ponds at random). Are the Buckeye trail ponds worth a try? I’m sure that they receive less pressure than the ponds near the road or campsites, but receive more pressure than the ponds that are not as easily accessible. Any help on these ponds would be greatly appreciated! If you would prefer to keep the info off of the WWW, just send me a PM. Thanks!

  3. I have wondered about those ponds also, some of them look to be pretty big. Do you use a float tube over there?
  4. I’ll be fishing from a kayak. I’m sure that a float tube would be far more convenient, but I have made a carrying cart for my kayak, and I’m confident that I can get it into any pond in the AEP lands (getting it out is usually the REAL problem)!
  5. I cant imagine carrying a kayak into some of the ponds i fish, more power to ya my man. I fit everything into a backpack and blow up my tube when i get to the lake. Maybe we will get together sometime this summer and check out some new ponds.
  6. Camped at Campsite K with my Boy Scout troop this past weekend. We only fished this lake due to the poor weather and not up for exploring in the rain. Largest fish was 20" large mouth by one of the boys...of course I showed him how to catch it and fish texas rigged...haha. My largest LM was 16.5" and was caught on texas rigged 7" purple worm. The boys caught a lot of gills, but all small. I caught several small bass on various plastics. The weeds at the shore line were VERY thick and matted making fishing difficult. For our first time camping at AEP we had a good time and plan on returning.

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    Check the new thread I started about fishing the buckey Trail ponds near N and H at AEP, I did not mean to start a new thread, but that is the way it goes! :eek: GOOD LUCK!!