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It was a pretty disappointing trip, probably my worst float tube trip ever for the AEP ponds. I literally caught more ticks than I did bass (13 ticks vs. 6 bass). All bass were dinks, although I lost a couple that were maybe 12-13 inches. I had a couple of big hits on the scum frog but again, I could not hook them. My froggin' is still a work in progress.

The first pond I tried was surprisingly stained, at least for the strip mine ponds. That seemed to have really turned the fish off. The second pond I tried, I got into just before dark and I fished it until 1:30 am. Only two hits all night, one on a black buzzbait and the other on a Hula popper - those were the two I lost. I got a few bluegill on a jointed Rapala and that was all.

The third pond I tried, the next morning, is actually the main reason for this post. It's small but nice looking. It's on western side of the gravel road that runs by the ponds just above Campground K. But after fishing it for over an hour and watching dink bluegill swimming around in the open water and literally hundreds if not thousands of small frogs on the shore and in the shallows, I have to conclude that it has no bass. There is a second pond right next to this one that's a little smaller that I didn't even try because I fear it might be the same case, with no bass.

So, I know no one wants to give up their honey holes but what about compiling a list of AEP ponds that you KNOW has no bass or else you are 99% positive has only dinks that are barely worth the time of tying a Palomar knot. I would start with the two I already mentioned (they aren't shown on the AEP Recreation Lands map but I didn't see any trespassing signs.) Then there are ponds 132 and 129, both on the upper end of the horse trails area. I'm sure pond 132 has no bass and for pond 129, I am nearly positive it has no bass bigger than maybe 13 or 14 inches. It was crystal clear when I fished it and I could see every inch and I saw and caught only dinks. There is also pond 117, along Township 13 that probably has only dinks and pond 53, by campground K, that seems too weedchoked and shallow for anything big, although I did catch a 13 incher so I could be wrong. BTW, my definition of a dink is a bass 10 inches or smaller.

My list of ponds to avoid:
Ponds 132, 129, 117, 53 and the two at 39.790324, -81.664127

Anyone else with a pond that's not worth the time? And don't try reverse psychology by listing a honey hole and saying it's no good - I'm sure someone will know better and call you on it and then people will want to try it. Also, if you think I'm wrong about any of these ponds I'd be glad to be corrected.
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