Aep ponds March 28th trip

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  1. Going to the AEP ponds on 3/28.My son and I are both off next Monday and will make the 1:45 minute trip to the ponds. Our first time there. Any pointers would be appreciated.I'm looking at my map and trying to pick out some ponds off of the beaten path.Will be bass fishing.We are catch and release only. By the way fished around Egypt Valley today.A couple of strikes but no catches.Also stoped at the Piedmont spillway.No Good,but better than working.
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    I'll be down there on March 26th, I'll try to get a post up on the 27th to let you know how it goes.

  3. It takes me 2 1/2 hrs from cleveland may want to leave a little sooner ;)
    You will need a free permit so stop in at the store on st rt 78 in reinersville or look up AEP Recreation Land in a search engine then you can get your permit online for free...
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    I've been to AEP alot in the past two years and think Campsite C is the best campsite. Your on a wonderful lake there and there are a ton of ponds around. Are you taking any kind of boat or tube?? Make sure you take some bait for bluegills. They get huge down there and are a blast to catch if the bass are not biting. I sudjest dark colored plastics such as 6 and 7 inch lizards and senkos. Top water has been good to me down there as well. Good luck and let us know how you did. Make sure you go to You can get your permit and map here. :D
  5. I'd like to try this out sometime. Been hereing a lot about AEP but never have been there.
  6. C is OK but I like N better and H when its not flooded LOL...
    I really liked to camp where they put that dang bucket but can't go there anymore...
    If you guys are down there during turkey season I'll be camping at wolf run and you can come over and take a shower ;)
  7. I am going down on the 1st for a long weekend. Anybody else going to be in the area? I have fished at aep a lot but never this early. I think its gonna be black lizard time.

  8. It is a little early and though the airtemps are a little warmer unless there is sun the pond temps will still be cold... Hope for sun and fish the mucky areas that will draw baitfish and warmer water temps you should do OK then...
  9. Thanks for the info.We won't be camping but taking the drive and fishing for the day.We will probably be throwing jig/pig combo and tubes.It's always worked best for me this early when the water temps are so low.We already have our permits and in looking at my map I was thinking of hitting some of the ponds by campsites g and f.or a cluster of ponds north of coff of the dead end on campsite road.Am I on the rught track? Thanks Rick
  10. There ia another area you may want to try...
    Take 284 past campsite G and follow it to the wilds... when that black top road turns bad for a short sections take your 1st right (no worries every right is AEP land)
    the very 1st pond you see will be a huge one on your left and it has some awesome bass. There is a gate so you have to walk down to the pond. If you pull in face 1st at the gate then right behind you is another road and it is loaded with ponds and I have caught some huge bass down that way too and all the big bass have come from the ponds on the right side of the road and one on the left but there are so many I could not tell you whcih ones I fished without showing you... Some of those pond hold big bull bluegills too...
    Now after your 1st right that raod is always very good but the other roads be watch it going in there if it is wet because you can get stuck and NEVER ease through what looks like puddles better to baha right through them or risk getting stuck and your trip is done...
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    If you are stuck there, it could be for life. :)
  12. I'd like to add, don't drive on anything that looks like wet mulch. Last year I sunk my f150 to the bumpers in it and needed a tow truck with a 100 ft winch to pull me out (several hours later of course).
  13. I have a new f150 4x4 and though I don't mind mud I don't take chances.I'd rather walk a mile to a pond than walk 5 miles to get help.It can happen to anybody though