AEP plane crash

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  1. First let me say that I don't want to trivialize the loss of life. It was a horrible accident. With that said, does anyone know the status of Campsite C? Is it shut down for the investigation, or will it be open this weekend? I have plans to meet some people there this weekend for our annual camp/fish, but need to know if alternate plans are in order.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Gentlemen

    The plane crash occurred about half way between campsite G (MapleGrove) and campsite C (SandHollow) I was on St. Rt. 284 today by the campsites being nosy and though there were still State Troopers and Sheriff still at the crash scene the campsites were open, roads are not blocked and everything seemed pretty normal. I see no problems with camping this weekend other then the weather...rain...rain..and more rain predicted.


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    No matter what weekend it is,It always seem to rain at least once. On the brighter side of things i still manage to have a good time. Hopefully in june or july i can pick a non raining weekend.
  4. this weekend @ AEP. Topwater, Maggot, look us up. Maggot, check with the locals, they know our group. I'll be driving an old burgandy ford F150 with an OGF sticker in the window. Going down today & staying unitil Memorial day.
    -Fred a.k.a.

    BBANKS John Deere Puller

    Boom Boom

    Where will you be staying?
  6. I'm not sure which camp site yet. But, we'll look out for each other. Leaving work now, I won't be able to respond. We'll have 4 - 10 people around camp & fishing, look for my truck (burgandy), an extended cab green truck that has a licence plate BSSDDY (Bass Daddy - yeah, right...) - and a purple chevy lumina - that would be the right camp! FISH ON!
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    I'll be at "K" this weekend with about 13 other float tubers. I'm driving a Red Ford Ranger w/ a cap. See you around..

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    Will be there at K as well, silver honda element.