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  1. I e-mailed Dave Dingey about camp site N & D if they would ever reopen ?
    &this is the e-mail i got back.

    Both of the campground areas will be reopened but it will be 5 years or longer before this happens. I really don't think that there will be any water in Camp N. Though Camp D should have some what of a creek running through it with a small pool at the culvert end of the pond.

    Dave Dingey
    Recreation Programs Coordinator
    Audinet 8 - 952-1205
    Phone 740 962-1205
    Cell 740 541-1118
    Fax 740 962-1219
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    Wow bass man, that's bad news. Both D-Sawmill & N-Keffler Kamp were my family favorites.
    Do you remember campsite Q-Beaver Run? When I was a kid we used to go to that one too.
    Man have things changed down there. Half of my old mushroom hunting spots are off limits.

    JignPig out...

  3. You know i have been going down there since the mid 70s and never went to Q. We all ways stayed at C. I all ways have heard that Q was a nice body of water.
  4. where was q at bass man? i was been going since i was a boy. i always stay at c also. jason