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    My buddy and I headed down to AEP for the first time. We acquired a map and made a plan to try to fish ponds that didn't have the best of access hoping to get into more fish. We needed a belly boat real bad as we could only cast to a very small portion of most ponds that we made it back too.

    Fish caught: 5 bass; one around 2 lbs. Not many fish caught at all

    Everything was soaked from the rain and incredibly muddy which made the adventure alittle less pleasurable.

    We attempted to sleep in the SUV since we didn't have a tent, but HAD to leave the windows cracked or burn up. Well the old skeeters tore us up and left us sleepless until 2am when we drove into Caldwell and found a parking to sleep in.

    On the Drive in we saw what we thought to be a Bobcat. Unfortunately we were unable to get more than a short glimpse and needed another 1/2 sec. or so to totally confirm. But after much thought and ruling out all other animals we determined it to be a very large house cat or a bobcat, which I know are crazy rare in Ohio. I really wish I could have had just another instant.

    While walking on the Buckeye Trail in search of some remote ponds(which we never found) we came across two BIG dogs that were following us on the trail. Neither had collars and although they didn't act too aggressive, they were not scared either. They appeared to be wild dogs as we were about three miles away from a road!
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    Sounds like most of my AEP trips. The first time my brother and I went down we did the Buckeye Trail and it rained 2.5 inches. The only time the mosquitoes quit biting was when it went from downpour to torrential downpour. I have hiked up and down the trail and it has been rough going and I have not had many big bass (a few) to show for the effort. I have packed a tube and even used a rope to get in and out of some of the crazy ponds on that trail. I've made at least half a dozen trips and have yet to find that holy grail of a pond that everyone talks about, although all of my trips are in the dead of summer...not the best time because of the weedy conditions and such. Most of the ponds along the trail are old beaver dams and are not as deep and clear as the strip mines in the rest of the park.

    Last year I talked to some old-timers and one of them told me the easiest way to get back to one of the bigger ponds on the map was to wade the creek back to it. I slogged over an hour down this mud bottom creek with no sign of a pond and with my glasses steaming up so I could not even see. It started pouring rain and I decided to hike my butt up the ravine (luckily by this time I was experienced enough to find the Buckeye Trail by dead reckoning). That creek rose at least a foot that day and I'm glad I wasn't drowned. I half expected to run into a bear, and I'm glad I did not run into any wild dogs as I have had some pretty scary experiences with them in the past. I think those old-timers just got a kick out of screwing with a city boy with Franklin County plates.

    Can't wait to go back!