AEP float tube report (and a couple of questions)

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    Finally made it to the strip mines of AEP yesterday, first time in about ten years and the very first time with my float tube. Ended up with a dozen bass and twenty or more bluegill. The best bass was 14 inches, then 12 and 10, with the rest being dinks in the 6-9 inch range (but still a lot of fun on light tackle from a float tube). Most of the bass were on plastic worms, with the rest coming on a small Rebel minnow. The biggest bass was on a six inch worm, and then seven other bass were caught on a tiny 3 inch plastic worm in less than an hour when I decided to target bluegill after being frustrated with the lack of bass I was catching in the pond. I also caught my biggest sunfish ever, a 10 inch redear that had to be weigh a pound or more.

    However, I think I could've done a lot better. I spent too much driving around, looking for ponds. The 3 ponds I did try, near campground K, didn't really excite me at all, if that makes any sense. They weren't very large and they didn't look like they might hold a 20 inch bass. I know the best ones are supposed to be "off the beaten path". But I'm wondering, just how far off the beaten path do you have to go? The ponds I tried were next to the road, since I could see them, but had little shore access and no boat ramps. Is that off the beaten path or do have to get away from the road? Do the ponds way back in the woods have trails to them at all or do you have to go cross country to find them? Because I would have a float tube on my back and there's only so much brush I can plow through.

    If you've made it down here, thanks for reading all that and an even bigger thanks if you reply.
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    When I think 'off the beaten path', I think of any pond that either needs to be walked to... or REQUIRES 4-Wheel Drive. I will PM you one pond that is relatively easy to get to if you have a 4x4 that holds some GREAT fish. I have been wanting to get my jon boat back there for a long time but ever since I bought my Bass boat, I can't seem to remember that I still have a jon boat haha.

    That being said,... most ponds that are difficult to get to will have better fishing. Most of the 'weekenders' that disregard proper harvesting techniques and laws are going to be too lazy to go anywhere that they cannot see their vehicle from where they're fishing. BUT, do not disregard these ponds because they have good fish in them too. I lost a 4lb smallie on a topwater frog in one of the easily accessible ponds that has a ramp.

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    Just walk down the Buckeye Trail. You'll find some good ponds. It's a good place to start with a new float tube.
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    Made it out to AEP again, on Wednesday. Not as many bass as my previous trip, just 7, but got a couple of nice ones, 13 and 14 inches (nice for me at least). The 14 incher fought the hardest of any bass I've caught. At one point, it dove straight to the bottom and wouldn't budge. I thought it was caught in the weeds and I actually tried to pull it up a couple of times when it finally took off on another run. When I finally landed it, it had no weeds on it, so the bass must have just sat down there and refused to budge. One of the best battles I've ever had. Even better from a tube. Caught that one, and most of my other fish, on a 3 inch plastic worm. That bass was from pond 72 I think, right next to 83, opposite from campground A.

    But that was the only decent fish from that pond. I tried two other ponds that day and only managed a few really small bluegill and 1 six inch bass. My only real success was from a pond along the Buckeye Trail, on the south side of County Road 27. Consistent large bluegill, 6-8 inches, 5 bass, and one startled beaver. My question is where does the Buckeye Trail go after this pond? It's the second one along that portion of the trail, but the first fishable one because the pond before that is scum covered. After that pond, I walked along the trail for a ways, probably half an hour or more, and eventually it ended at a large dropoff with a creek below. There were two forks before this, one went to an oil well and the other dead ended after 40 feet. I know the trail is supposed to continue but I just couldn't find where it went. I hope didn't miss something obvious. If anyone has an answer to my dilemma, I'd like to know, but it's a question for which either you've been there and you know or else you don't.

    Sorry for another long post. That's the curse of the English major :).