AEP-Family Friendly?

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  1. I'm planning on taking my family camping/fishing, and figured AEP is the place to go. But, I want to make sure its family friendly---especially no loud drunks and other mischief at night. Also, does it get frequent law enforcement presence? Thanks for any info.
  2. I have never had a problem there, Some of the campgrounds are more family friendly then others. If I remeber right campground A has a playground and the ponds in the campground are designated as kids fishing only. I haven't seen anymore drunkenness there then at any other campground. As far as LE presence I havn't noticed any but I generally don't notice any, as the crew I go with dosen't cause any problems, except for the occasional beer and practical joke on each other. I believe there are camp stewards in all the campgrounds that keep issues under control, and there are plenty of AEP trucks working through doing maintenance etc. I took my family last august and we had a ball, And I wouldn't think twice about taking them there again.

  3. I've been to K twice the sites are futher apart then most, more private. Only hear say, I've heard that C is the loudest and rowdiest. all camp grounds don't have stewarts this year. Mike in K did not want it again and they don't have a replacement, since 6/20 when I was there. Have always seen kids around.
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    i just came from aep. camp c is nice. a does have a playground. NO fishing if your over 15. ondr came by every rainy night i was there. fri,sat,sun and monday. even gave me a 500 buck tickit for drivinr down to a pond that didnt have a sign up. by they are all really nice.