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  1. With the long weekend and wanting to get out of town, I thought of exploring AEP. Never been and would like to know what it's all about. Any pointers for a newbie? What camp sites are opened?
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    Well, seeing as deer season opens on Monday, you might want to hold off. The place will be littered with hunters and they camp there all week. I would suggest you wait until a week or so at least. Otherwise, it's a great place to camp. Easy access, lots of space and great bass fishing. And you can't beat the price.

  3. what about wild cat hollow (wolf creek)? wild cat is not too far from AEP I don't think. I'd have to ask hubby when he gets up. That might be a busy area too but if you're coming like friday I'd think there would be spaces. However, if you wait and come later than friday there might be limited space.
  4. Great point - didn't think about gun season crowds. I'll wait for another time. I guess I'll dip into KY - Red River Gorge or Big South Fork. Any other ideas are welcomed. Thanks for the input.