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  1. I Noticed many people posting about upcoming AEP trips. I was there fishing Saturday morning, only fished one pond near the road that has produced for me in the past from about 6:30 am to 11 am. Caught a little over 20 bass from the bank with the biggest being about 2 pounds I would say. Most fish were in the 12-14 inch range and all were caught on finesse lures. The only tips I can really give people are to fish SLOW and make pretty long casts. The fish are easily spooked. The bite slowed very significantly around 9 i would say so it is important to fish around dawn and dusk. Here is a picture of my biggest fish along with one of the more average ones. Good Luck!
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    Good job jethro! AEP land is awesome aint it? August is pretty tough to catch 20-bass in one morning. Pond or not...
    I went out this morning/Monday at a spot I fish out by Somerset. I caught three on a crankbait. And two on soft plastics. I haven't had a gig bite for several weeks.

    Gignpig out...

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    I was there that whole weekend and did very well also. Two buddys and I caught around 60 to 70 bass and found some new ponds. All in all a great weekend for how hot it was.