Aep 6/17 - 6/22

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  1. Will be going down for bout a week for the fishing. Be camping probably in K. Grey silverado and Terry 5th wheel if you see me say hi and I will have some cold Millers, You can bring some cold ones as well. I'll remember the bug spray, thanks Lunkerhunter ;-} !!
  2. Just wondering, I was down around this time last year the all the weeds either had fungus or seed pods all over, but they were nasty looking very scummy. Do you wear your waders while flost tubing even if the water temps are up in these ponds ?


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    Bare leg it all the way when the water gets warm enough, thats the fun of a belly tube.
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    I wear lightweight nylon pants and pull my socks up over the legs. It still gives you the "freedom" of not wearing waders and gives you some sense of protection when you are kicking your way through a tangle of weeds. It also keeps the ticks off when you're hiking your way to the pond.

    I do the same when I'm wading...helps with things like mosquitoes, deer flies, and getting your legs torn up walking to the creek.
  5. Of course I had a great time, and nothing stollen. Got down Tuesday evening and just kicked back, camp fire, brats & beer, aahhhh. Wednesday hit a pond and found out there are a whole lot of 4" bass. I did get a 10.5"er. However I was using a jig an maggot after the gills. Threw back many less than 9" and slabbed up 18 in the 9-11" range. That was an hour and a half of tubing for the day, just what I was after. That water was so clear I could see down 8'. Took a couple more tube rides. I did find the 2 big lakes I was looking for west of campground C and up the bike trail that did not produce any keepers, but a good time kicking around. Also found another I think I'll past on, the lake north of campground K looks like an "E", seems it was all skummed up and very weedy, no real way I found to get down to it. Like I said it was just kick back for some r n r and I got that. The place was not crowded at all, maybe halfway, everyone I talked to said they're home saving gas money to come in the 4th July weekend, well good luck on that.