Adware 2007 ?!?!?!

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  1. I have just downloaded Adware 2007 since they did away with Adware Se Personal Free Edition , and I have noticed that when you run it and delete what it finds it also deletes all your saved passwords , has anyone else had this problem ?? , If so is there a patch or a cure ??? thanks !!! I am using internet explorer if that helps
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    If thinking of "remember me" (like OGF), this information is stored in a cookie, many browser cleanup programs will remove them.

    I'm not familiar with Adware but maybe there is an exclusion list?


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    I would not recommend this stinks. it is a hard sell one.they make claim that your computers infected yet it is not.You need get the ( yes free ) one I use. never had it remove my cookies. though it does remove the others YOU DO not want on it.and man it removed this adware as it was no goo and after I tried remove it I had a REAL problem.but low and behold my program blew it off.
  4. Ad-Aware is a reliable program for removing adware itself. I run it on a lot of computers at times to clean up. I don't recall having a problem with the passwords being cleared with it but I have not run the new version much. I am going to upgrade the version on my computer and see if there is much of a difference. If I get the same result I will let you know.
  5. I am assuming that when you say Adware 2007 you are really referring to Ad-Aware 2007? There is a real difference in the two. I didn't know for sure what Adware 2007 was until I did a search and I see that it is some password crack software. I don't think that is what you were referring to.;)

  6. Sporty

    That is exactly what I am taking about ( " Remember Me " ) , Everytime I run it and delete what it finds .... I have to go and re-enter all my paswords ... the old Ad-Ware SE free version was so nice , the new version is a pain in the $@#

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  7. bkr43050

    Sorry I did mean Ad-Ware 2007 , I was running Ad-Ware SE free version
    and did not have any problems with it erasing my passwords ....But .... I could not get it to update anymore and so I went and downloaded 2007 version and I now it deletes all saved passwords
  8. I just ran the new version yesterday and it did not do what you mentioned. I think the difference is that although I installed the Ad-Watch portion of the program I did not start it up. I see in the settings for the Ad-Watch portion that the is a "Ad-Watch Track Sweep" and "Ad-Watch Cookies" which look like they would clear the password information. From within the Ad-Aware you should be able to deactivate the Ad-Watch portion. At that point the Ad-Aware is only used when you run a manual scan. Hopefully that will clear things up for you.
  9. Brian
    Thanks for all the help !!!
    Did you install the free version ?? or the plus or pro version ?? I have the free version from download .com , It is already checked to deactiveate ad watch and it still deletes passwords , and as for track sweep it says you need the plus or pro version to run this feature , if you don't mind me asking where did you down load your version from ???
    Thanks for any help
  10. I am running the same version as you. I installed the upgrade to it a couple of days ago. I don't believe when I ran the scan that day that it cleared my password cache. However I just re-ran it now and it did clear them. I don't see it in the settings but I would think there would be a way to avoid that. If I come across it I will post it here. Other than that I don't see anything from the new version that I don't like thus far.
  11. Brian
    Like you said ..... I don't see anything from the new version that I don't like thus far.

    I feel the same way .... The Ad-Ware SE Personal ...was so much nicer !!!

    thanks again for all your input , If I find anything on it I will post it also !!!

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    I still have the old SE version. I tried to update the def. files and got the error. BUT I just went ahead and downloaded the def files manually myself and the old version still works. Yeah its a little more work but it updated and ran fine.

    Just open Adaware SE. Then click on HELP. Then click on the + beside using Adaware SE. Then highlight the Updating the definition file. Scroll down to the Manual Update section. To get the update click on the <Lavasoft's Website*> link and it should download the file needed.

    From the HELP file:

    Worked fine for me.

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    Thanks for the info Tee. I liked Ad-Aware SE Personal much more than the new Ad-Aware 2007.

    I just reinstalled Ad-Aware SE Personal, followed your instructions, and updated the defintition file with no problem.

    I simply copied the updated definition file, and paste it to my C:/Program Files/Lavasoft/Ad-Aware SE Personal folder.

    Opened Ad-Aware SE, and it was updated and good-to-go.

    Ad-Aware SE Personal is still available for download here: Click: Softpedia Secure Download (US)
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    This is the program I also would highly recommend. It's available from