advise or tactics on tree stand hunting with leave on the ground

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  1. Does anyone have any ideas about hunting in climers or latter stands with all the leaves on the ground. I stick out like a sore thumb. I have my own thoughts but I was wondering if any one else has better.
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    either pick trees with some sort of background i.e vines, or thickets or get up higher in the tree.My one ladder stand has the camo netting around the sides with only my chest up above.

  3. or if you can get in a pine tree they will put a lot of cover around you . also if you get your stand up early put pine branches up around your stand then when all the leaves fall off you wil still have cover
  4. If you havent looked at it when in open trees you wont believe it, take a look at Predator Fall Grey or Predator Deception camo. Very open patterns and you will virtually disappear.

    Works great on the ground with snow on too.
  5. your background selection is a must,,, i always pic a thick spot. plenty of brush /limbs/ect , also watch where the sun is. if it comes up on your back your in no range for attack, a slogan i use to remember while im picking out a spot, the sun will make an easy outline of you
  6. I'm sure we're all familiar with the areas where the crabapple trees are so thick you can't see a deer until it's hauling a$$ away from you and zigzagging like a flushed grouse. Who hasn't shot a crab tree in half?
    Occasionally, you will find one non-crab tree that will get you elevated(and hold your weight) enough to look down into the maze and it's a-maze-ing(pun intended) what you will see. Looks like little streets through there! Because you're in the biggest tree in the grove, you absolutely have to restrict your movement from snail-like to none at all! You might be amazed that the deer appear to see you but show no real concern if you're frozen still-provided they don't scent you. I once had 8 does under my tree in Jan. for 15 minutes, all glancing up occasionally but showing no fear as I did not move. Granted, I had on a light grey treebark pattern and a facemask(bow hunting)-no orange vest. Non tactical movement is the killer in a treestand, or on the ground for that matter.
  7. Well I went to my stand its just a latter stand and its not around any cover so I made my own. With all the wind damage I found limes with leaves on them. I placed them on the tree stand and used black zip ties to place them in none shooting spots to give me cover. The I got down and looked from the deer point of view and noticed a couple of bad spots adjusted it and now I'm hoping that the new leaves and cover will not be noticed. After all that a buddy called and asked to hunt with me. The latter stand is the easiest to find so Hes going to hunt it and I'm going to find my climer about 300 yards down the creak. O wel. Wish us luck!