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  1. I have a 65hp merc w/ power trim. I need some tips on whats the best way to have it trimed. Is it just a play around and see what works best, or is there a science to it? My problem is its not planing out. Well it will after a while. I changed the plugs. I am thinking it might be a carb problem but i wanted to get some tips on trimming it b4 i take the carb in to get looked at.

    Thanks in advance for any advise/help

    Sorry guy/gals I found a pretty good article online after about 7 different google searches
    if anyone has anything else to add I'm all ears.
  2. First make sure that the motor is running at peak performance. If you think that it may need new plugs or a crab rebuild, have it done, or do it yourself if you are confident that you can do it correctly.

    Always start out with the motor trimmed all the way down. Once you get on plane, feather the trim button up so that it steers with the same effort both left and right. It should kinda feel like you are driving on ice.

    Having the motor trimmed correctly will differ with different scenarios. Waves and weight distribution will play a big factor in how the boat will trim out. Try and have the same amount of weight on each side of the boat. You can arrange coolers, tackle boxes, cases of beer, cabana boys, ect on each side of the boat to even it out. You can also try and move the weight from front to rear to see what your boat performs best with.

  3. Thanks het! it definetly makes a difference to have the weight in the front as apposed to the back. It will plane out quicker if I have the one on the guys in the back come to the front. I weigh about 150# and the my friends that usually fish with me are twice my weight. I know this is some what normal but should it really make that big of a difference? Thats why I think its a carb issue.
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    Could be the wrong prop as well, do you know what your wide open throttle RPM's should be when at full go and do you have a tach on the boat? The wrong size prop will make a boat very hard to get out of the hole if your pitched wrong.
  5. Not to be a SA but one misplaced 300 lb'er will impede the performance of most boats with less than 100 HP or so. TWO, will kill even bigger boats. You might want to check the max. weight cap. of your boat. Then add up all your gear, gas, and motor-don't forget the weight of water in your livewell!, plus tot. passenger weight, and see where you're at. To optimize your boats performance, you might be able put your boat on a diet and shed some excess/unused weight. Go out to a local lake by yourself with only your normal amount of tackle and see if the boat becomes a beast! Then you'll know you got a weight cap. issue.