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  1. Im a novice bowhunter, i have a pse nova and last year i bought some arrows from bass pro. ONly to find out the fletchings were very small, about 1 inches long. I hunted with them last year, but was going to buy new ones, but they dont seem too bad. They are Redhead Carbon Fury arrows. I was wondering if i should buy some new ones, they were 4560 for shaft size.

    also i was wondering the best way to sight in the bow. my sight is adjustable and was wondering if dicks sporting goods is able to help any.

    last thing is where and which brand are the best and cheapest range finders for rookie bow hunters.

    any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)
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    I would start off shooting very close maybe ten yards, remember when you are adjusting your sight to follow the arrows, if you hit high move the sight up a little. Hit right move right, and so on. Dicks probably could help you but I think you would be way better off to find a local archery shop in the area. Not familiar with your area so I cant help you there but maybe someone else could. As for range finders I would really recommend getting one with some kind of angle compensation. I think the Nikon Archers choice is about the cheapest at 249. that is what I use. Bushnell makes a plain jane model though you can get for 149. Remember to practice the worst feeling in the world is when you wound an animal shoot as much as you can and be confident.

  3. the 4560 is not your shaft size . that means you can shoot the arrows in bows from 45 to 60 pounds . as for the small fletching if you are shooting mecanical broadheads they will work . if not i would sugest 4" vanes . you need to find a local bow shop and get the right arrows for your bow . where are you located . i am in springfield and shoot at a local bow shop its the best one i have seen i have been going there for the past 15 years i even shoot in ther leauges and he treats you right . pm me if you need more info .
  4. Dude, I have the same bow. PSE NOVA, I have OC though. I just went to a pro shop and had them cut arrows for me. DO NOT GO TO DICKS!! those guy half the time dont know wether to wind thier ass or scratch thier watch. I would take it to a bow shop and have them tell you a good carbon and they will cut it for the correct length. As for sighting it in..what kind of rest do you have? drop away, whicker bisquit? Start out close and work your way back when sighting it in.....also chase your arows.
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    Most likely your fletchings are blazers which are short. I shoot them on carbon gold tips, with a 125 M3 blade out of a 00' PSE Fireflight. Good set up.

    Like mentioned before. Make sure your bow is properly tuned, then start at 10 yards and work your way back and adjust as necessary. If you have quality vanes I have not seen them make too much of a difference and Ive shot plastic, feather and blazers. Make sure your notching your arrow correctly and you should be able to get your set up working well for you.

    Im at a loss on the shaft size - that could be a problem.