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    Im looking for some options for a couple days of vacation 3/21 +/-. We are looking for suggestions 2-4 hours east of Cleveland along the I90 corridor, other than niagra falls area. The family needs some shopping and civilization nearby, i need some form of salmanoid. I would imagine there is still some river fishing available for steelhead etc at that time of the year? I would consider chartering if that is the best bet. Any suggestions?
  2. Wonder what Kinzu offers? Looks like a beautiful place. Reminds me of Raystown. NO other place east of the Mississippi like it to me!;)

  3. Maybe Lake Chataqua (spelling?). Big muskie lake from what I've read.

    Five hours south in late March might find some decent weather.
  4. geneva state park in ohio might be a good spot. they have campgrounds on lake erie and there is a few rivers and creeks around that hold steelhead. ashtabula has a mall thats about a 10 minute drive from the campgrounds to do shopping.
  5. chitaqua has good spring walleye i dont know about steelhead tho. i dont think that is the best bet but would def have civilization.
  6. Ashtabula County area. Covered bridge tour that you can take, loads of wineries, great steelhead fishing, numerous bed and breakfasts and beautiful countryside if you care to take a road trip.

    Go to this link, it would help. PM me if you have any questions.
  7. Have you considered Pymatuning? Large reservoir on the Ohio/Pa. border. We rented a cottage and fished there in late July last year. Caughat a ton of perch and a few crappie, catfish, whitebass and catfish. We ( my brother-in-law and a buddy and I ) rented a cabin and pontoon boat and had a ball. Of course, we always have fun, don't always catch fish, but always have fun. There is a state park on the Oh. side and they rent campsites. Check it out. Its a 8000+ acre reservoir, has a 10hp. limit, and is a relatively shallow lake.
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    Mught want to check out Erie.
    You've got the casino.
    Presque Isle, Elk & Walnut are all a short drive away.