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Advice on Pellet Guns??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bumblebee, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. The Squirrels/rabbits and groundhogs have crossed the line and started eating my garden. I'm wanting to purchase a Pellet Gun, I thought it would be an easy decision until I started seriously looking. I'm currently looking at the Gamo Varmint Hunter combo .177, Cost is around $200. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions? Use is basically to kill anything that is on 4 legs feeding in my garden. Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?

    Yep, Plant a bigger garden, enough for you and the critters. Save the $200 for fishing tackle.

  3. My Mom is going crazy around her place as the Squirrels are tearing the heck out of her flowers on a daily basis, they dig them out..she replants them..she comes out the next morning same thing:mad: dont know much about airguns, I would end up telling you to get a Remington 700VS in 223:p ;)
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    i would go with a 22. they are great for that stuff, i bought a Marlin 795 at Gander Mountain for i think $200 and it comes with a NICE scope. you should check it out.

  5. Bumblebee,
    If you are in an "Urban" area it may be just as illegal to use the pellet gun as to use a firearm. Check your local ordinances, etc. If you live in a rural area I would advise going with a .22 instead of a pellet gun. Definitely more humane kills especially on the G-hogs. .177 pellets will take squirrel and rabbit at 10-25 yards but start to lack penetration at any farther ranges and on the heavier bodied groundhogs even at short ranges.

    Hope I am not bursting your balloon, just hate to see any animal under-rated and injured or killed painfully when it can be avoided.

  6. Go with the 22 cal. Much easier to keep sighted in. My 177 drives me crazy. Also a couple years ago it was illegal to hunt with a pellet gun ( not sure if that is the case now). My brother shot over 50 squrrels with his 177 4or 5 years ago. Since then he bought a 22 cal and said it is better than the 177 for killing power and accuracy
  7. Some inexpensive chicken wire strung around your garden about 2-3 foot high would eliminate 90 % of your damage to your garden. Probably be able to do it for well under 50 .00. It would be a lot safer solution if you are close to other houses also. Some 1 X 2 stakes and a staple gun and the aforementioned chicken wire would not take much time or effort to install.
  8. Thanks for all of the Advice. The .22 and the .177 are both pellet air guns but the .22 is just a little heaver and more accurate correct?
  9. No. A .22 is a rim fire rifle. It shots small bullets and they go from a 1 1/2miles to 2 miles. So be sure of your back ground! My brother in law uses his .177 pellet ,like the one you was asking about, to shot stray cats in Cleveland. It has a lighted scope and all. He says it does very well.

    Here is a picture and a lil bit about a .22
  10. Ruminator

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    Yes, bumblebee, there are 22 cal. airguns available. I have several.
    your responses are about 22 cal. rimfire bullet rifles here though.

    For consistency, and being humane in hunting, I agree with whats been said - go with a 22. cal. bullet rifle, not an airgun, if you can.

    The Ruger 10/22 is a great, inexpensive rifle that would do what you want.
  11. Kevin,

    In Huber Heights, it is legal to shoot air rifles......both .177 and .22. My nephews had a run in with a ticked off neighbor and he called the police on the boys (knowing my nephews, they probably were screwing around). The HH police stated that they were well within their rights to shoot an air gun in Huber, but recommended they have a good backstop. In your situation, you have that huge wall behind your house....good to go. I would recommend that you take papaperch's advice as the chicken wire will deter a majority of the critters. My father in law took it one step further and ran electric fence wire through gallon mik jugs. He filled the jugs with sand and then placed the wire (a few inches off the ground) around the garden. When he wanted to mow, he could just pick up the milk jugs and move them........good old Kentucky ingenuity! Said he also used to get a kick out of seeing the critters jump when they touched that wire and it scared the $*%&^ out of them!

  12. Whats the fine for shooting game out of season??
  13. Rosshunter, really kicked a "bumblebee" nest here didn't you? lol
    As a Hunter Education Instructor I have to say it isn't about the fine, its about the LAW! It is illegal to kill squirrel or rabbit out of season unless you contact the ODNR and get a nuisance permit. Rarely given for 'hobby" gardeners and rabbits and squirrels. Contact your local ODNR office or DOW office.

    The chickenwire solution breaks no laws that I am aware of. Might be your best option. My grand dad planted marigolds around his garden and kept rabbits out with that. Try stretching fishing line like a fence about 3-6 inches off the ground. It works for deer at 2 feet height, might work for rabbits and squirrels also.

    Good Luck!