Advice on painting transom

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Jim Barger Sr, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. I need to paint or otherwise coat my fiberglass transom. I don't know what to use for a durable finish that I can color match to the rest of the hull... help

    Do I just need to tint gel coat? All I'm doing is covering some small epoxy patches but I would like to paint the entire transom so it color / finish matches
  2. Bump... Can't anyone help me out?

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    I sell a product by Dupont called Ful-Thane that has works good on Fiberglass hulls. I can match almost any color and we have a store in Lima. Give me a call or PM if you want more info. 567-644-6541
  4. pretty standard procedure is sand down the patched spots, spray gel coat, wet sand and hit it with the buffer and some compound. color matching can be difficult depending on the age of the boat. white gel ages with a yellowish tint. and make sure, if you're matching colors, to do so outside, or under natural lights. it'll look right indoors, and when its outside you'll notice it's still much too light.

    if you're doing the whole boat, awlgrip is where it's at. awlgrip and some clear coat. but as far as patching goes, mix up some gel. use a preval spray "gun" you can find em at any auto parts store.