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  1. Hello everyone! For Christmas this year I got a couple of gift cards to Bass Pro Shops. I have $75 to spend (giftcards) and am in the market for a new catfish reel. I have been doing a lot of research online for reels and have heard mixed reviews. I have an old Abu I use, I bought a cheaper($) American Spirit reel last year from Chris Trulas baitshop near Cowan lake, and it has performed quite well so far. I was wondering if I should buy Bass Pros catmax reel, or get an updated Abu.....was wondering if anyone had any insight, experiences, etc on the benefits and set backs to either brand and what Abu is best for the money, and also if there is any other reel serious catmen use that I might be overlooking. I only plan on spending a little bit more money with the giftcards and wanted to get the best bang for the buck. As always your info is greatly appreciated. Tight lines all.
  2. if your fishing channels, the Abu 5000 is a nice reel but doesnt have a clicker/bait runner, if you are strictly after big cats like flatheads and blues, the 7000 is the way to go, a nice inbetween is the 6000 or 6500 models which offer the bait clicker. No reason to use anything else in honest opinion.


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    Like Salmonid said, 6500's are the way to go. You'll probably find the vast majority of catfisherman use these reels.
  4. The baitrunner is a favorite of mine. The "clicker" or in this case baitrunner has adjustable tension so you can adjust to where the fish is just barely having to pull on the line. You can also tighten when fishing in current. A great feature not to mention no backlash because it is a spinning reel. Smooth drag, high gear ratio. Many advantages as opposed to the Abu's. They cost about $100. Worth every penny!
  5. I agree about the abu's for all types of cating. Another real that I use and have caught most of my 25+ flatties on is Penn's. Its an older one with a clicker and eveything, works perfect. Seems like peple gear them more toward salt water, but if you get the smaller versions (not the ones for catching 200+ lb ocean fish) they work great!
  6. buffdaddyfish; a buddy at work had catmax reel and it was nothing but trouble. it might of been a bad reel. i dont know. i likethe penn 209 or any abus.
  7. If your tryin to stay under $75 I'd go for a Shimano TR 200,an Abu 6000 or if you want spinning I'd go for an Okuma ABF 50 or 65 baitfeeder.I try to stay away from the new Penn's cuz they aren't made in the US anymore and I don't think the quality is there anymore.I buy old refurbished Penns though.
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    for baitcasters,the old reliable abus are had to beat,and reasonably priced.6500 will handle all your needs.7000 would be a step up for big flats/blues.there are other good reels out there,but these reels are like a timex;)
    the abu record 60 is a sweet reel,but you're into $140 or so range there.
  9. You can't go wrong with the 6500
  10. Another vote for the Abu 6500s; I have a few that I have neglected and darn right abused and they have never let me down. They'll handle anything you'll hook into IMO.
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    I own 2 of the Catmaxx and have not had any issues with them but the biggest that I have brought in with them have been up to 30 lbs. I do also own a Abu Record HC60 but I have not caught anything on it yet...go figure, spend $150 on a reel and cannot get a single hit on it for the last two years but I get lots of runs on the cheaper Catmaxx reels. :rolleyes:

    When casting and reeling, the Abu is smoother but it is because it has more and better bearings. The inside of the Abu is also alot beefier in construction too.
  12. Several years ago, I bought two Quantam Iron reels. They were relatively wide with a bait clicker. I gave one to my brother in law. I really wish that I would have kept it, because it has been a very good reel. I am not sure what model may have replaced it. The Garcia is a good reel.
  13. Awesome info everyone! I had the chance to get a Shimano Spinning reel in a yard sale a couple of years ago....someone mentioned this reel earlier. It has the bait clicker and everything, but dumb me I passed it up. I will mostly be targeting bigger flats and blues with my purchase.......I will probably get one of the Abu's mentioned....I have a good buddy who does real well with the big ones and he also said what a lot of you all said about the 6500-7000 series. Also thank you for the info on the Okuma reels. I have an Okuma fly reel I bought a few years back and it has done real well for me but wasn't sure about the cat reels. If anyone has any other advice please keep it coming. I appreciate everyones replies. Tight lines all.
  14. i have a eagle claw"the beast".....and i've never had a problam with it,i do agree that abu or the older penn is the way to go but if your looking for a reel thats alittle cheaper and good the eagle claw "the beast" i say is the way to go plus you have money left over to get some hooks and what nots....cause it only cost about 50 bucks and this reel has the bait clicker also i target the large flatties on the muskingum river and it has always work great for me
  15. I headed out to BPS and had my hands on just about every reel there. I did not have my eyes set on the catmaxx reel but ended up asking one of the BPS associates for one. I realized I did not have both giftcards on me so this helped me come to a decision.......I got to the the register and then found out I only had my 25 dollar gift card on me! Needless to say I have both gift cards now and have narrowed my sights on a $150 ABU but am also considering a penn reel as well. Thank you for all your help again.