Advice on a gift: 9.9 Johnson (Cols OH)

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by nomore3putts, Jun 13, 2004.

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    Well, my 2004 project (restoring 16 ft alum Starcraft) is nearing completion. Here's pics if you want to see (before and after)...

    Interior Before

    A old friend of mine gave me a 1980 Johnson 9.9 longshaft, elec start. Was hooked up for controls, but also has tiller handle. He said it ran well, but hasn't been used in 3-4? years. He suggested I have a mechanic give it the once over. Here's my questions -

    1. Who's a good/best small motors (Johnson) guy in Central OH - recommendations? Hopefully someone who has a few extra parts available...

    2. If it starts up, is this even necessary? I can change plugs, lower unit oil, etc.

    3. What would you do first to such a motor, that's been sitting so long? :confused:

    4. Assuming I get the thing going, these seem like pretty reliable units? I would think w/ Hoover @ 10hp limit there would be a LOT of Johnson <10hp owners in the Central Ohio area... pros/cons?

    Thanks for any and all inputs!!!
  2. Beautiful job on the rehab, looks like you'll have a mighty fine fishing machine there. I'm from eastern PA so I can't help you with a local mechanic but that motor might just crank right up for you. My brother gave me an old motor that he hadn't run in over 10 years and it started after 1/2 dozen pulls. The one thing you do need to replace is the water pump impeller. They are rubber and get a set in them or deteriorate and fall apart. I've changed all of mine by myself, but have always bought the repair manual so I knew what I was doing. You can get manuals on, new or used.

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    I would take it too a mechanic to go over it, it may seem like it is running fine until a time comes up when you need it most. My present boat came with a early 70's Johnson 9.5 that seemed like it ran great. Nothing but problems, I would be out in the middle of the lake and it would break on me, I finally went out and bought a 2001 9.9 Johnson and love that one to death.

    When I was looking for parts for that older 9.5, about the only place I found that would work on and order parts for it was Bexly Marina in Gahana. A lot of places will turn their noses up at you when you ask if they work on smaller motors, and I don't know why.

    It would probably be in your best interest to take it there and have them go over it, to make sure everything is in decent shape. They can figure out if it’s the coil or plugs or anything else, it starts to add up when you are doing all of the guesswork.

    Here is the info on Bexly Marina

    6608 TAYLOR RD
    BLACKLICK OH 43004-9632

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    Kenny Baker on Stelzer Rd, north of the airport. I don't have his phone # here, but I do have it on the 'puter at work if you can't find it in the book. He's always done right by me and my friends. He is only 1 man, though, so time shouldn't be as much an issue as honesty and good work. I'd get a manual for it, to help you with the maintenance.
  5. I have a 1980 9.9 electric start super motor been running mine on Hoover for 24 years never have done any thing to it but put gas in it and it still purrs like a kitten. Never has been winterized just plugs and lower unit oil.Do you know if this motor was foged or any thing when it was put away and the gas ran out of the bowl .If not i would pull the plugs and squirt some oil in the cylinders then pull the starter rope to make sure the rings arent sizzed if not, then you can crank it over but i would squirt some wd 40 in the carb this makes a good starter fluid and also lubes the cylinders. The only other trouble you might have is the carb being gumed up. Go to Gander Mountain or NAPA and buy you a can of Seafome they will know what you are asking for this is some super stuff put it in your gas tank. Get your self a pair of ear muffs to slide on your lower unit and hook up the hose and when it does start make sure there is a stream of water coming out of the little hole in the back right hand side of the motor ,if not stop motor and run a wire or blow air in to hole it mite have a spider web pluging it if it has set for that long .Hope this helps you Good luck Fishguy
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    I'd be sure to replace the water impellar.
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    I've had many outboard motors in my time. Just this past winter, I was looking for a kicker motor for my Erie boat. I found a guy that had a 1999 Johnson 9.9 hp motor that had been sitting in his basement since the year he bought it (1999). I brought it home, and put it in the basement until a few weeks ago. I got some fresh gas, hooked it up to the muffs, and it fired on the second pull, and purred away. It was running just a tad rough. I changed the lower unit oil, put fresh plugs in it, and added a pint of Seafoam to the gas tank. The motor has ran like new since. It's pushed my 20 footer for five trips, eight hours a day so far.

    Most likely, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your motor. It might give you piece of mind, if nothing else, to give a mechanic $50 or so to go over the motor completely.