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  1. Would like advice on a good baitcast combo for 100 bucks or less. I'd like to spend more, but between saving up for a boat and paying the baitmonkey for myself and 3 boys to fish, 100$ is all I have. Currently have a couple of spinning outfits - light and medium - and mainly fish rivers and lakes in the southwest of Ohio. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I just bought my first baitcasting setup and I could not be more thrilled. I bought a Quantum Accurist in Red. Now they have them at Walmart for like $60 or $80. Its very smooth for the money and it even has a flippin switch for when you want to get into that kind of stuff. My ONLY complaint about this reel is the brakes on the reel. Its only in increments of 3 (Free, 3,6, and 9) and it would be nice to adjust by ones. There are other reels at walmart that have this for the same kind of money too.

    I've got it on a Berkley Lightnin' Rod (also from walmart). I got a 1-piece 6'6" Medium Heavy casting rod and I LOVE IT!!! I feel everything!!! This is the first 1-piece rod that I've had and I will most likely stick with that because of the feel.

    To learn, I spooled it with 10lb Power Pro Yellow Braid and put on a 3/8oz or bigger bait (spinnerbaits and swim jigs). Started with all the brakes on and the spool tension set so that when you hit the button w/ the pole at 45 degrees, the bait hits the ground and the spool stops. As you get the hang of it, lighten up the spool tension, then the brakes (I'd do one at a time just in case). Pretty soon you'll be casting 1/4oz or lighter baits with the brakes on Free and the spool tension very light. I'm not quite there yet, but I hear it can be done :D haha.

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    I second the Bass Pro Extreme setup. I have a combo and I also have 2 other Extreme rods. The rods are pretty sensitive, have a pretty fast action, light, and have good backbones for hauling in the fishes. I have an older Extreme reel and it works great. I just oil it once or twice a year depending on how much I use it. I have not tried the new ones yet with the 7 bearings. Mine has the 5 bearings and it is pretty darn smooth.
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    Both Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas have nice outfits in your price range.
  6. Thanks for the advice... looking forward to a shopping trip in the very near future ! :D
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  8. I have had bad luck with the Bass Pro reels, especially when trying to take them back for repair or return when they break. I noticed this combo at Cabelas that seems pretty good. What I usually do is take those Dick's coupons and keep an eye out there for clearance reels and rods. Make your own combo if you will. I have gotten some good Dawia, Shimano, and Quatums rods and reels for well under $100.

    Here is the combo at Cabelas:
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    You can't go wrong with a Quantum Accurist. It is a great reel to start off with. I bought one four years back and other than a few scratches and worn out paint it has been a great reel. The one thing that is critical with baitcasters is line. The larger your diameter line the harder it gets to throw. Also I would suggest braided line in a low diameter around 6lb test. This will make it much easier to throw and the low memory is great for a beginner because you are going to get backlashes, its how you learn. The best way to really get a good with a baitcaster is to leave all other poles at the house and don't get frustrated or try to cast too hard.