Advice Needed - This weekend Prospect Dam Fishing

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  1. My brother and I are going to go fishing up just north of the prospect dam. We are planning on wading and trying to catch some crappies or small mouths. then fishing below the dam towards the end for some crappies.

    Any advice on types of bait to use if greatly appreciated. As it's been around 15 years since we've try to fish for smallies in flowing water, and we are pretty clueless.

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    i live in prospect, if you are wanting to wade i would not suggest going above the dam as the water right now would be between 5-7 foot average with several holes that would go 10 plus. but you can wade below the dam almost all the way to delaware and not be over waist deep. pm me and i can give you some more particulars on baits and areas

  3. I am going to tell you now. THE BEST bait for crappie is a minnow on a jig head. A chartreuse one at that. Buy a mix of crappie and bass minnows. about 50 cents a dozen where i live. But u can get about 300 for 2 dollars the way they scoop em. Not sure how this would work with wading. Good luck though.

  4. I was figuring that. I've been doing pretty good with Twist Tail Chartreuse jigs this year tipped with minnows. That was my fish bait of choice. What about to catch Smallies though???
  5. The best thing for smallmouth is to rig a green nitecrawler. Go to your local bait shop and ask for a crawler harness.. What this is? It is a line about 6 inches in length and there are 3 hooks. You put the head on one hook, middle on another and tail on the end. Sometimes they come with spoons and beeds, buy one of the ones with pink beeds and a spoon. You will catch smallies, trout, crappie, saugeye, largemouth everything. But at the end of the day that is the best bait i have ever used.

  6. I am very familar with Nightcrawler Harness'. I have around 10 of them in my tackle box. Usually use them for Walleye fishing. How do you work it?? Just reel it back against the current? Or leave it spinning in the current???
  7. I mainly let it float around for a few, give it some jerks and cast and retrieve.
  8. I hear that. I'll give that a try this friday. Like always, whatever I land, I'll post pics of the keepers. thanks again for all the good advice. I'm so glad my bro told me about this Website!!!
  9. Yeah its pretty amazing is it not. I usually give help. I go to Buckeye lake every Monday to fish. Great fishing, great lake.