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  1. hey guys.

    I just got an unique question from my boss that I didn't have a very good answer for, so I thought I'd ask the group. He has a friend that is 60 years old that has had heart troubles for the past few years and the outlook doesn't look good. He has decided to take up fishing with his wife who is retired, he went out and bought tackle and poles and stuff, but the trouble is he doesn't know any "easy" access places to fish(ravenna area prefered). He can walk alright over short distances and would require an area with benches or somewhere chairs could be set, but he certainly can't get up and down banks or anything else that requires physical strength. I thought of places like Milton, Mosquito, Pymie because the causeways have parking and shore fishing or I thought about Mogi and the fishing dock on 43, but other than that I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

    Any help appreciated
  2. Hodgson has good shore fishing with benches some are harder to get to then others though

  3. Mogadore has a fishing pier with very easy access.
  4. Well if he wouldnt mind driving abit..Guilford lake..Theres alot of near shore access ..I havent fished there in years..But I did catch some nice cats there..

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    West Branch is like down the road from Ravenna isnt it?

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    Deer Creek Res. over off route 225 has a nice fishing dock and park with lots of shore fishing. Very easy to get to.
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    Dont forget all our fav, Portage Lakes, and Nimi. Several locations that you can just go from car to shore at both.
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    Can't forget Lake Rockwell thats in Ravenna.The fishing has been excellent at the dam and the culvert pipe by R.A. Sand And Gravel.There will not be more than 50ft walk to fish from where you park your car.If they want to stop by I can hook them up with a couple good private places in the immediate area I have access to..............Mark
  9. I used to work for Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Rec. While there, we installed accessible fishing decks in the back of Water Works Park along the Cuyahoga River. You can drive right to them. Not sure how good the fishing is right off the decks, but they're very accessible and the park and river are very scenic.
  10. I have caught some big fish on Rt. 14 many years ago. When You fish Rockwell by the Sand and Gravel Company, where do you park ?
    Also if you're fishing by the dam, where do you park ? You can't park on Rt. 14 they will tow your car.


  11. Thanks for all of your help I'll pass the info
  12. Mogadore is an encellent choice, also give some thought to West Branch it has a pier at the East end. It would be nice if our DNR would give some thought for the oldies comming up that has trouble getting around, after all who paid all there salaries for the past years.
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    There's 2 pulloff's on either side of the road by the Sand & Gravel company as well as the river by the pumphouse.The guy in the first white house on the right as you're heading towards Streetsboro lets people park in his yard for $4.00.They're starting to pull some real nice 14"-16+" slabs off RT14.
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    Would agree with KSU West branch is right there in Ravenna and the marina has a fishing pier with benches.