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  1. Looking to buy a handhald gps,something I can use out on Lake erie,but also great on the road trips to keep me and my wife from fighting over directions.
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    There is not or ever will there be any such device. God made us that way after the Adam and Eve event as one way to keep us humble (how many times have you said "Oh God", in this situation?).
    With that said, I got a megelan maridian color a couple of years ago that I like a lot. At the time it was reported to get the best reception of the ones I was looking at. Do a google search for GPS reviews to get the latest info and updated ones. They are a nice toy to have.

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    Choose between Garmin or Lowrance...
    The deciding factor should be in the pre-loaded maps that you buy.
    -- That just depends on how much detail you want on the water.
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    my garmin 172 has a built in basemap of all the major route in the us and the waters of lake erie . ($150 from ebay) rigged it with a light plug to use in the car or boat.