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Discussion in 'Bowfishing' started by Jero, May 11, 2008.

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    hey guys,

    Just learning to bowfish. Thought I would list my setup and see if you guys could offer some advice. I am real curious as to what equipment everyone is using. Shot my first fish on Cowan lake friday, 15# carp.

    I have a PSE Optima recurve 66" 30 lb bow. I have an AMS retriever with a Muzzy arrow, broadhead and slide. I am shooting instinctive with no sites. I HAVE MISSED A BUNCH!!! But it is an amazing challenge.

    I am fishing out of a two man 11' coleman crawdaddy with a 30 lb trolling motor. I also have a 5 horse kingfisher I can put on this boat. Not alot of room for extra batteries and things so I do not have it setup for night shooting, I would be really interested in any thoughts on lighting setups for this boat including power options.

    I have a 16' nitro bass boat as well, but just to big to get into the shallows I think. I also have a bowtech Diamond that I deer hunt with, fully loaded set at 55 lbs right now, just seems like alot of bow to be fishing with??

    Any advice would be appreciated guys.

  2. Well my setup is a oneida osprey bow with a muzzy spinner reel with 200# fastflight line and most of the time I shoot muzzy tiped arrows, your setup sounds good for most Ohio fishing but you might run into some trouble on deep fish with only A 30# bow. Most of the time I shoot 32# to 55# depending on what I'm after and how deep the fish are.

    As for the boat I would set up that nitro with some lights and a small genny and go for it! Save the small boat for the creeks and small rivers.

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    My set up is a Oneida osprey with an ams retriever with fiberglass arrows tipped with muzzy points with carp tips. I have safety slides on my arrows.
    I agree with putting lights on your bigger boat and save the small one for creeks and such.
    I have a 16 ft. Lowe jon boat with 6 HPS 150watt lights run by a Honda 2000 watt inverter genny. I made a box that sits in the rear of the boat to hold the transformers, igniters, and caps. so the boat weight is balances better.
    I would just go ahead and invest in a bow with about 45-50lb. draw and set it up for bowfishing and save the bowtech for hunting. The 30lb. bow will do ok for close shots. I only shoot about 35lb. out of my osprey and it passes though fish. It is all I need for what I find in Ohio. But when I get to go to Texas I will turn the weight up quite a bit for the gator gar.
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    I am an occasional bowfisherman, but I do really enjoy it, especially in the late summer when nothing else is happening. At the risk of sounding foolish, what do you guys do with the fish you shoot? I would shoot a lot more carp if I had a practical outlet for them. Once I put a few in the garden, my season is pretty much over. I apologize for hijacking the thread, but I need help in continuing to reduce carp populations in my smallmouth holes.....