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Adventures with Misfit

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintiger, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Ok so my adventures with Misfit aren't as exciting as Toad's and Misfits but I still had fun. I met Misfit at about 7:30 this morning at Red Bank bait shop. After a quick BS session we went down to the ramp and got the boat in the water. I got to back the boat in. Man is he crazy. Actually I don't think I did too bad. Just forgot the number one rule when you are backing a trailor up. Turn the wheel the opposite way you want it to go. Well anyways. We got out on the water and found the spot we were going to fish. I caught the first fish of the day about 20-30 after we got out there. It was my first Saugeye. After drifting and trolling up the lake we decided to pack things up and head home at about 4:30 with a total 6 keeper saugeyes. I hate to let everyone know this but I think I out fished the old guy. Some may say that I could be a better fisherman but I would say it was just beginners luck. :D Thanks for the good time Rick.



  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    thats some fine eating you got there!

  3. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    Sounds like a good time and some real good eating. I do have a couple of comments:
    With misfit there is no such thing. :rolleyes:
    Not a hard task as long as you don't wake him up. If you want to have a little fun wait till he floats off to never, never land and scream "Hey you got a bite" for an ol' man he sure can move fast.
    Good deal on backing the trailer, did misfit tell you thats the ramp we were useing when I was in the boat and he was in the truck and the brake line blew! :eek: Makes the ramp longer and steeper for some reason.
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'm glad you enjoyed the day,and catching your first saugeyes.that's more important than me catching fish :)
    as for adventures,the ones toad and i have are more like "MIS"adventures,lol.
    the trailer backing wasn't bad,but next time use the ramp instead of the dock ;)
    after giving more thought to things,i think i'm gonna have to quit takin' these rookies on the water.seems that i'm too good at teaching,and they usually end up beating me at my own game,lol.what's up with that????

    as for the "couple of comments" by the peanut gallery,i have a comment of my own.

    very funny,hahaha :p :p

    ps.................why do i get the red x's instead of pics?i've tried the usual tips to bring them up,but no go.i'm sure it's a flaw in in my os,but can't figure it out.
  5. Does this mean "DAKING" lookin for a new ride. That might be tough, with THE CURSE and all. :D

  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i think he's the only one i'd feel safe with.i may not catch anything,but i know he wouldn't outfish me,with his record :rolleyes: :D ;)

    JUSTCRAZY Wurlds Wurst Spellor

    Toad, you beat me to the punch on everyone of the comments.

    Tiger I am glad you had fun with the old guy. I went out with him for a few hours the night before and we also had some fun. But work got in the way again so I had to go home an sleep a little bit.
  8. I am getting the red x's too and I posted the pictures. I posted them on and then linked them here. Can anyone else see them? About the good eating. Man they were delious. I may have cooked them too long because when I went to stab them with a fork to put them on a bun they just flaked apart. I love cleaning them also. They are so easy to clean. Like I said Rick next time maybe we can be on my boat. What do you mean you are supposed to use the ramp and not the dock? You dock the boat right? So why wouldn't you put the trailor up there too? :rolleyes: :D
  9. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    haha,good reasoning :D

    the fish should be flakey.if you fry it too long it won't will get tough.
    i've gone from my special breading,back to the simple recipe of flour,salt and pepper.get more fish flavor instead of all the other stuff.pan fried in crisco shortening and butter,or butter flavored just don't get no better :) :cool:
  10. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    I use 1/2 cup cornmeal and 1 cup flour and salt/pepper makes for a bit more coating with out adding any strong artificial flavors.
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i,ve been making my own breading.50/50 seasoned bread crumbs with old bay,salt,pepper,which is a very light breading,and very good,but after tasting my uncle's fish again a few weeks ago,my taste buds reminded me how much better the "old way" tasted.don't know why i switched :rolleyes: .
    the crisco and butter are the real secret to the great flavor.
    i like different coatings,including cornmeal,and have prepared/eaten fish many different ways.but sticking to the basics brings out the most in the flavor of the fish(namely eyes) for me.hundreds of people have eaten my uncle's fish,and of the dozens i've met,every last one has said it's the best they've ever eaten,bar none.
    everyone has different tastes,including me,but sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the best ;) :)

    oh,i fixed a batch of crappie that way the other wife(and several others) thought my breading recipe was the best they'd had.but when she ate that crappie,she said it was even better :cool:
  12. I'd charge em a guide fee for puttin them on fish.... ;) :) :D
  13. He can't charge me a guide fee. I found my own fish. He just motored me around to the spots and I found my own fish. Ask him who mentioned that they wanted a white twister tail. I put one on and said thats what they wanted. I think I caught 3 on the white tail and one on a chartruse(?). It may not have been three. I don't remember. I know I caught all but one on the white tail. While he fiddled with his "old trusty" tail. I just kept saying I got one.
  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    lol.i would,but they couldn't afford me :eek: :D ;)
  15. Us old farts gotta stick together. You've been taking these young whipersnappers out & showing them how to catch the most sought-after little beauties, saugeye. You gotta put a stop to that! Oh it's okay if you show em' how to catch crappie, or catfish, but doggone it, let them struggle when it comes to "Eyes". They can drag a bait around & learn it the hard way, just like we did,LOL.

    There's nothing more rewarding than taking somebody out fishing, and them having a good time, and catching fish. It doesn't always work out that way, but when it does, it's special.

    Last Summer, I took a neighbor kid over to Big Walnut Creek, we waded, we had nothing but a few buzzbaits that I made, we caught smallmouth like crazy, the kid couldn't believe it. A few days later we fished Big Walnut again at night for catfish, we caught a bunch. The kid wants to fish all the time now.

    Teaching people to fish makes me feel good, real good.

    Call me Rick, let's get out together & fish, it's time for those REAL BIG channel cats at Hoover!