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Hey guys,

I need some help and advice on some wire setups. I would like to potentially setup two wire rods with Torpedo single strand weighted steel (200’) with Torpedo 19 strand backer (to mono backer against the spool). I need some advice in understanding what kind/type of wire everyone uses and how they use it. As usual, I’ve been reading too much, and have lots of questions.

Full disclosure, these rods will be for multipurpose use between Lake Ontario for Salmon (main reason) and Lake Erie Walleye. I like to experiment with things trolling and thought this would be additive to my options. I currently run 7 strand Blood Run for wire diver rods, also 2 different 32lb copper setups (300’, 250’). I like the idea of having one rod that can potentially run down to 100’ without having multiple setups and it’s HOPEFULLY less cantankerous than copper. Weighted steel potentially has a 1:1 sink ratio when paired with 19 strand over braid backer. There is a lot that is unknown still with proving these claims (in my opinion), so I’m looking for advice from guys that ACTUALLY run a setup like this or similar.

What I THINK I know/understand:
Torpedo makes a 45 & 60lb weighted steel and then instead of backing with 50lb braid, they use 19 strand Torpedo wire. As stated above, it’s supposed to have a 1:1 sink ratio (not sure on what speed?). So 200' of 45lb weighted steel by itself would run 40' deep. Add 200' of 19 strand (total of 400' of line out) and you can get to 80' total depth. For perspective, a 400' copper 32lb at 2.5 SOG is running 65' down and 45lb copper is 67' per Blood Run’s website.

If you marked out with fingernail polish or something every 50' you could potentially get to ANY depth you want using the same reel. I would likely do 200’ weighted and 300’ of 19 strand with the rest mono backer unless convinced otherwise. No more multiple copper setups. I would have to check and verify if the line counter would actually still work. Matt at Torpedo says it will, but not sure. Romanack hasn’t done verified dive tests yet for Precision Trolling, so this is very hard to verify all these claims of depth other than a Smart Troll or other like device.

Thanks for your help!

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