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I had tears in my eyes as I finished reading this while LOL. Too funny!
I wish I had run across this back when I was moderating here. Hilarious!!

I would have stickied it in the Moderator's forum! :D:p:cool:

New folks- Please read this!!!

Lately there have been some headaches with new folks pushing buttons as they find their way through the forum. Sort of like confusing the lightswitch and the fire alarm. To save some wear and tear on the aged, doddering moderators (some of whom may be considering calling in a napalm strike on your house) this is what a few buttons are for-

When you are READING a post- over to the lower left, there is a triangle with an ! in it and the word REPORT. If the post is from a vandal, a spammer, etc, you can click that symbol, and the wrath of the heavens shall descend on them with a mighty vengence. Also if someone is WAY out of bounds (their post is unacceptable behavior) the same triangle/ ! icon sends a message to the mods. We will come look at the post (as soon as the poker game in the Moderator Lounge finishes) do what we need to do with the post/poster, and hose down the blood.

On the lower right, there is a "like" button. If you really like and agree with what somone said, click that. Let's them know you like what they had to say.

Do NOT use the ! to reply to a message, or we will come glue your thumbs to your ears with LocTite.

If you need help navigating in the system, ask any of us. But quit pulling the fire alarm unless the building really IS on fire- OK?

Love and kisses- C3

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The real Bob ross worked at a body shop/restoration shop. He would tape his hands up to the frame of the car wile laying on a creeper and sleep and never do a thing. I will not name the shop. True life of bob
He was also an Air Force vet who didn’t have hair like that until prodded by his producers/staff. His hair was straight.
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