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acton spillway

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fratfish, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Just got back to school here at Miami and was wondering if anyone had been out to the acton spillway for saugeye. i have an easy semester and sure would like to get some more fishing in here. thanks for any and all help
  2. I have never had much success in the spillway for saugeyes. Have you?
    I catch crappie, bass, and catfish down there.

  3. WalleyeJones

    WalleyeJones Extra Long Member

    Four mile creek had a big fish kill this summer. I would fish above the dam.
  4. Forgive a stupid question: when you all refer to fishing the "tailwaters" are you referring to the area immediately below the dam? Or can tailwaters be above the dam.

  5. hey man if you want some good tail water fishing from shore. look into fishing brookvilles tailwaters. it is only about 20 mins from miami my girlfriend goes there and they have rainbow and brown trout right belowe the dam. then that creek spills into white water creek which is a good smallie river. good luck
  6. brookville is amazing, great trout fishing. in the winter there is excellent walleye fishing right in the spillway itself as well, i have taken some very nice fish there. also when it warms up you can walk the dam and fish the lake, smallies, quality white bass, and an occasional (rare) eye or striper.
  7. That is too bad. I fished the creek all the time in college but didn't have much luck the one time I made the trek last summer. I guess that must be part of the reason. A lot of the smallies didn't make it?
  8. I live near 4 mile and did not hear about any fish kill.I go there alot in the warmer months and do very well.
  9. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Really? That is one of my favorite places to fish for smallies. That is sad news.
  10. WalleyeJones

    WalleyeJones Extra Long Member

    This has already been discussed in previous threads. The fish kill was enormous, but not publicized. Hopefully it will recover quickly.