Acton Saugeye

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  1. Went out fishing the other evening and did pretty well... All fish were over 23 inches and were mighty tasty. Try quarter ounce jig heads fished along deep points and cuts... (Dam Area)

    Tight Lines

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  2. Hi Loomis,
    The far right cove down by the dam usually turns up a couple
    of those fella's when I'm throwing a RR with a orange / char /
    combo curly tail.

    The way you got'em pre cut, you were bleeding them ... right?

    Gloves up!


  3. Nice fish I was out tonight and caught 20 crappie in about 2 hours across from the lodge. NO eyes tonight but Monday I caught 3 below the dam.
  4. I fished Acton today as well, from about 2pm until 6pm or so, caught a few crappie and one largemouth 2-3 pounds, that felt like a world record on an ultralight wth 4lb test. ODOW was on the lake conducting safety inspections, officer was very polite but not overly personable, She didn't ding me for the letter that came off my reg numbers so I guess she is cool. For being my first time on the lake I was pretty happy, lake felt a little bit crowded to me, but maybe not, like I said today was my first time there.
  5. Boxing Ref,

    Yeah I was bleeding them out... It makes it so much easier when you get home and want to fillet the buggers. No blood makes for a much easier and less messy affair.
  6. soudns like nice fish...if its the same officer I have talked to in the past, she is all business and takes her job serious, but as you said pretty easy going. I'm sure with all the college kids and stuff she see's polite but firm is the way to go. Probably has gotten some attitude from boat checks....being a woman out there may not always go well when she pulls up.

    Overall, I'd say she is pretty cool.

    wondering why you said it felt crowded on the lake - I have been there many times and it gets plenty of fishing but never really felt crowded - guess i'm used to it??
  7. I saw here giving out a ticket to a guy who was using his 50 hp outboard. I agree firm is better. If your going to go out with a trolling motor, then dont do it on a windy day or else your going to get a ticket when you have to drop the big motor.
  8. Probably because I generally fish the stillwater and About the only lake fishing I do is up in canada and fishing at these places rarely if ever do I see another fisherman :) It was just unusual to have to dodge other boats while working the same shoreline, I felt I had to maintain a pace similar to theirs so as not to cause a traffic jam. Probably just a different kind of fishing then I am used to still had fun caught fish, Seems like a very relaxed and enojyable place, just new to me;)
  9. there was a sailboat race or something like that going on this past weekend. I could not even get to the ramp on sunday.
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    Nice work! Makes me wish I was still at school at Miami.