Acton Lake

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  1. Anyone been to Acton lake lately? It's been about a month since I went there. Debating weather to go there or just hit the GMR for Smallies in the morning. I am leaning toward the GMR since it has been real good to me last couple of times.
  2. I went yesterday for a couple of hours before dusk, water has turned over I think (57 at ramp and 60 near dam), fishing was tough, though people seemed to be catching a few crappie...I threw crankbaits all the way down the east bank from the old beach to the dam and only caught one saugeye...also threw some jigs on the wood along the way...nothing, blue skies, cold air and wind, but I thought I'd catch at least one bass...

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    I Fished There Thursday Afternoon 10/23 Thought I Would Try To Get There Before The Front Moved In.caught Two Around Rocks On Crankbait ,but The Wind Was Too Strong ,used Up My Trolling Motor Battery Within Two Hours,had To Quit.water Temp 59