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  1. Fished Acton Lake this afternoon and evening. The weather started out alright...just a slite breeze, but then it got really windy...had a good hit on the crankbait just past that point down from the beach...the area was near the grass where it was about 2' moving to about 6'....the bass hit pretty hard, but came off at the boat...seemed like the bass were hitting pretty short with the crankbait...that bass probably ran about 2 1/2 pounds...really nice size to her....second bass was on a spinnerbait right in the grass about 3/4 of the way down to the damn...only weight about a pound....pretty much just jig'd/slowrolled it...started my way back up the lake throwing spinnerbaits and crankbaits with no luck...probably had about three strikes, but again, seemed like they were hitting short...evening was coming and the wind finally died down...decided to throw a lizard in the boat docks....good thing I did....caught a nice size largemouth...probably around 2 pounds....right off the dock....after that I decided to get home....all in all not a bad day...could've been better if the wind wasn't so damn strong...some old guy that saw me catch the bass on the dock said he was slamming crappie on the other side of the time I fish I'll have to try that side too...also had two girls (jailbait) on the beach ask if I wanted to party and if I had any beer...I almost stayed, but thought otherwise. (no homo)
  2. I take it nobody cares to fish Acton for

  3. Good report carramrod...I fish Acton quite a bit, but lately haven't found the time and this time of year I really struggle there when those shad spawn and there are huge schools of them and the fish just feed on them whenever they want, it seems to make for tough fishing...It was interesting that you caught a fish under those boat docks in shallow, muddy water...I've always wondered if bass might hang out under those, I guess they do, but I always head down to the deeper end of the lake...but good report, I love Acton, nice and quiet, and full of fish if you can find them...
  4. Yeah, I think the only reason I was able to catch anything at the boat dock was because there were a few tree branches along the sides of the docks...I threw a lizard in there a bam!!! It might have been just enough cover for a couple bass to hide out in...anyway I think if I make my way down there again I'm going to check out the other side of the lake...see if its any better.
  5. I catch quite a few bass from sugar camp to the dam. I fish Acton a lot due to it distance from me (bout 5 minutes)
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    I hit Acton with my 5 y.o. daughter on Friday. We caught about 20 small crappie off the dam. She got the biggest (about 9"). I saw one old guy with about a dozen in his bucket. They all looked small to me. No saugeye to speak of.