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  1. Hi all:

    Planning to head to Acton for the first time this weekend (on a boat). Plan A is to look for some Saugeye, if plan A does not work out then we'll shoot for crappie. Anyone have any tips they mind sharing on either? I found a lake map but have not been able to find any fishing reports on them from the summer months. Appreciate it. Will report back.

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    I have never really targeted those species when I have fished there but the water level this year is a lot better than last year. There are good cover for crappies but now that we are in the dog days of summer, I would say your best bet for crappies would be during the non-daylight hours. The same would probably hold true to saugeyes too. If during the day, I would suggest fishing deep since the water is pretty warm.

  3. A buddy and I went looking for the same fish about this time last year. We tried slow trolling for saugeye using a night crawler harness, with no luck. After a few hours, we decided to look for crappie-again with little luck. We did, however, stumble into some bluegill-a ton of them! We caught well over a hundred in about an hour. If your trip turns out like ours, and you want to have some fun, try the shoreline in front of the lodge. Won't be much for the frying pan, but it was a blast. We're going back next weekend for just that reason.
  4. Thanks for the help. I plan to go tomorrow and will report back.

    I figure with the numbers they've stocked in there and the shallowness of half the lake the saugeyes would be easy to find. We'll see.
  5. go to the dam in the deeper water to find those saugeyes, I believe they live near there and try to go over the spillway when possible, good luck finding them. However, what will be easy to find are the baitfish...those stinkin' gigantic schools of gizzard shad are everywhere out in deep/openwater. I'm reasonably sure the bass and saugeye are under them feeding on them, they sure weren't near any baits I threw at them yesterday....
  6. Well, went out yesterday but it was a long day. Fired up the 10 horse for the first time in a while and it sputtered dead after about 25 yards-so we were limited to the trolling motor which limited what we were able to do. Fished the beach side of the lake and caught some cats, crappies, and bluegill. Only one keeper crappie. The lake looks really nice, I'd like to explore it (with a motor!).

    DNR was out surveying fisherman, asking opinions on size and bag limits. Really did not see anyone catching much. Bass fisherman seemed to be struggling (at least near me).

    There were people bass fishing the shallow part of the lake, which surprised me. Would not think bass would hang up there in the middle of the summer-but who knows.