acton lake bass

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by herkin, May 9, 2008.

  1. herkin

    herkin Herkin

    new to the lake and would like to known the best way and places to fish for largemouth? thank you?
  2. Hi Herk.
    Thought I would give you a bump on this one.

    I only crappie fish, but from watching the bass guys
    they work both sides of the lake, and they do pretty good.
    They usually use cranks, and the usual stuff...

    PS: If your only using the trolling motor, (10hp only) - it may
    take a little while to motor to some good spots.

    Good luck and be safe!


  3. Hello Herkin,

    Acton is pretty good for bass, if you pick up the new edition of Ohio game and fish magazine it has a very positive outlook for this year.

    7" worms and rapala's are good along the banks and if you can get in the laydowns and rocks you should do well. If you don't have a 10 hp motor I would troll to the damn and work the lodge side back....lots of shoreline and a few water shed pipes make for some good fishing!