Acton (Hueston Woods)

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  1. Does anyone know the lake conditions at Acton? I am sure it is up, just wonderring how bad; and , how long it will take to clear?

    I am on Spring Break next week and would like to give it a shot.


  2. CamdenGizzard

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    It takes a week under normal (rain) conditions to clear. I would imagine 2 at this point. It may be low enough in a week to fish but it will be some tough fishing. Do you plan on fishing from the bank or out of a boat?

  3. I was figuring that you might say that. I guess I was being overly optimistic! I was going to go off the bank.

    Thanks for your quick reply,

  4. fishingredhawk

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    I disagree. That lake is awesome when the water is up. The bass get up in the weeds and trees. If you get a little sunshine, it could be an awesome day.
  5. CamdenGizzard

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    I was speaking in terms of pan fishing. Bass fishing will not be very good unless you have a boat to go out in. And even then i'd say you'd be hard pressed to catch a fish in the next 2 weeks. (unless of chores you can fish sun up sun down for 2 weeks straight) ;)

    I would suggest hitting the trout at rush run. Your much more likely to catch some there.
  6. trout werent hitting anything today too muddy and too high up at rush run me and gmrcatman got skunked. go on the most overcast crappy day and you will be suprised how you will do.
  7. I'm wondering. with the dredging machine gone, if the water will be clearer overall this year for Acton. Any input guys?
  8. Went out this morning for a couple of hours to try out the boat i just got. The lake is down but very muddy. As far as the fishing went fished for about 2 hrs. and didn't catch anything.
  9. its up quite a bit and its never clear lol
  10. You know, I didn't really take much stock in either of my fishfinders
    until I left Acton, and went to Cowan one day... Man, I actually could
    see baitfish, cover, feeding fish, and stucture!

    I think that just about explains the Acton Lake. What can I say...

    Gloves up!

  11. think if all goes well I will have to try out Acton this weekend.
  12. Perch

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    check out he New issue of Infisherman..they spot light Acton Lake !!!!!
  13. Really, i will have to try and find a copy somewhere.