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  1. Hi everyone......long time reader, first time poster! I can say I've learned quite a bit from the OGF I need some more help.

    Made my first trip to Acton on Thursday morning and spent some time just driving around looking. I am a bank fisherman and decided to try close to the dam.........not sure this was the best spot but it seemed decent enough. Here's my question to those of you that fish Acton.......without giving away any of your best spots, where can I "park and fish"? I did look around by the marina, sugar camp, dam, and lodge. Seems the hardest part is finding exactly where go.

    I came away skunked.......but that's what I expected for my first time there and since I only fished for 3-4 hours until it got super hot. Had plenty of strikes but I think most of those were bluegill.

    I did like the lake so I'm asking those of you who live close and fish it a newbie out!! lol

  2. park at the archery range and walk to the dam sugar camp is good in the evenings and i catch quite a few cats at the marina at night. There are other places just park and walk

  3. one thing that might help is to rent a boat for a half day and go out on the water to look at bank fishing spots. I have seen several that look good and either people or signs of people that have been there. If you don't mind walking, there is a trail that circles the lake and there are several spots you can get to from it.
  4. Thanks for the advice and tips! Next time I will try the 1/2 day boat rental.....I agree it would be easier to see spots from the lake than trying to drive around and find them. Besides, after looking at your Acton hawg (madcrappie), you definitely know how to find the big ones!! :)

    Seriously, good idea! I will let you know how it works out.

    Thanks again!
  5. thanks for the kind words, but i can't give up location on a honey hole like that!! :D