Acton 4/25/08

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  1. Fished Acton Lake this morning from 9am to 1130am. Caught 2 crappie on my first 2 cast fishing for Bass on a Crankbait. Messed around a while fishing for both Bass and Crappie. Caught about a dozen Crappie, 2 about 13" others in the 8-10" range Most Crappie were cuaght in about 5' of water. Caught 3 LM Bass biggest about 2.5LB Caught the Bass on a 7" blue fleck power worm
  2. Thanks for the report!

    Any area produce better than others there for bass? I have never fished there.

  3. They are pretty shallow now getting ready for the spawn. I fish any timber in the water but normally fish closer to the dam in the summer where the water is deeper. THe water is real murky now so fishing slow and I threw larger baits than I normally do. Crankbaits didn't produce any Bass for me today but I did catch Crappie on them.
  4. We fished there yesterday, and the wind was whipping. But I think it helped the bass bite. We did quite well on crankbaits and brush hogs (very hard to fish with the wind though). I forgot the road runners, but did manage quite a few crappie on a tube jig. Water was 65 and stained, and the lake was crowded. I did catch one crappie on the crankbait as you had mentioned. Those crappie are very shallow, and the ones we caught were very close to the bank.