Action Lake

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Wally Diver, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Is anyone catching any thing at Action Lake. I have not seen any reports lately. Were are the Camden guys who post reports about Action. Are the sagueyes still being caught? What about Crappie?
  2. Wally Diver, I have not been to the lake since last friday of last week. the crappie have finished the spawn and the surface temp was up to 80 degrees by afternoon.
    We did catch some nice channel cats that were up close to the bank and we thought they were after the crappie eggs.
    The eyes we have caught were mostly small with a couple at 15" and 16".
    There were still some carp rolling at the banks but I would say they are about finished with the spawn now too.
    They are still taking bass close to the banks on small crank baits and they pick up a good Eye now and than too fishing for bass.
    This is a great lake if u have a small motor or a good trolling motor because there will be no speed boats or jet skies just tiny waves and peace and quite.

  3. I took My two kids last Sat. and we had a good day. We just used nightcrawlwes and waxworms but we caught 40 fish. Most were bluegill/sunfish with a few channel cats thrown in. Most of the gills were a good size and would have made someone a good meal (we threw everything back). They sure were biting that day.