Action Lake Spillway and waters below the dam

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  1. Has anyone been fishing the spillway below the dam at Action lake. If so what are the conditions there and is anyone getting any saugeyes down there. I know this spring it was good down there.
  2. i'd be interested to know the water levels below the dam this time of year. if i were to try to wade as far as i can south, how deep is it?

  3. :( there is no water running as of last thursday. i hiked up to the spillway and it was full of dead catfish bones everywhere its not very deep and it doesnt look good down there. i wished i would have taken some pictures but it sucked down there dont waste your time. it seemed to me that it was about 3 to 4 feet deep avg.
  4. How is the lake level? Any chance they might need to open her up in the next few days?
  5. cantsleep

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    I was canoeing there Sunday, and the lake seemed low. I wouldn't count on any discharge soon.
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    Acton is a overflow style dam. The only opening up will be a good downpour. The lake level was good and the water looks good.