Acrobatic Eye's

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    Me and a couple buddy's hit up my one of my oldie-but-goodie holes on Antrim ( :D :p ) looking for S-eye; and pissed off S-eye we found! Managed 4 Eye's, 3 Smallies, and a nice white bass in roughly 2 hours. S-eye were in no mood to play either! Thrashing at the bank, thrashing on shore...I swear I "heard" one mutter "you lay a hand on me and i'll make you bleed bi%&$" :D

    Highlight(s) of the night came when the S-eye decided they were Smallmouth. The first "hit" I had came when I went to pull my crank out of the water. At first I let it pause right at the bank, then went to bring it in: The instant it cleared the surface a nice (23"+) S-eye went airborne after it! Came completely out of the water (cleared a good 7") and made one hell of a ruckus upon re-entry. Scared the piss out of me! I've had pike go airborne after lures, even smallmouth, but S-eye? Definetly a first. Got her about 20min later in the exact same spot: fool me once? your lucky, fool me twice..aint happenin!


    Later on my buddy hooked an 18"er right at the bank, only to have it sky rocket on the hookset...I even remarked "dude..nice Smallie man" LOL.

    Took home the 23", let the rest go to be caught another day. Keep what you can eat fresh, let the rest go to be caught another day, thats my new moto ;)

    Just got finished some hot and spicy shake and bake S-eye, dipped in Mcdonalds hot buffalo sauce..MMMMHMMM!

    'Tis the Season 'Tis the Season :D
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    nice eye!

    Antrim, eh?

  3. streamstalker

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    You must have taken that picture under the 315 bridge abutment.;)
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    That's a real nice saugeye. Nice work!!!

  5. Nice eye. Had me salivating until, "dipped in Mcdonalds hot buffalo sauce." Aww man. That's like being snapped out of a dream with ice water to the face just as Hallie Berry is about to say 'yes' to a game of clothes optional twister.
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    Thats just silly. Everyone knows thats the bridge over Republican run on Stringtown.


    Aklac7, How do you not get thrown out of there at night? I thought there were restrictions there? Feel free to not answer here if it suits you better.