Acorn Grubs

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    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    i havent had much luck around here. seems like theres been a squirrel pop. explosion. theyve been taking them right from the trees. im gonna have to order some maggots this year i think. dang.

    i tried freezing a couple and unfortunately they did not come back to life. i cant imagine how they dont freeze in the winter. maybe they can adjust if theyre cooled down slowly.

    i imagine sawdust would be a good bet. dirt is ok but its a pain.
    good luck with them.
  3. how many acorns did u need to get to have that msny grubs?
  4. I would throw them in oleo containers with potting soil and leave in unheated building. Soil should keep them from freezing to death. If you freeze them they will not come back to life. Small one gallon plastic buckets would be even better.
  5. POP
    I'm lucky to have a good producing tree in my yard so
    I've went through about 4 five gallon buckets full of acorns so far this year
    the the grubs in the picture came out of a 1/4 full bucket

    The frozen ones are keeping a good color so with that and the scent hopefully they'll catch some fish.
    The link suggests potting soil and sand so I'm going to try that next year
    Won't be long now it's way below freezing out there this morning