Accord key stuck help!!!

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  1. A friend of mine has a late 90's honda accord. She lost her keys and used an extra key. Aparantly the car has an anti theft system (stock) and the new key had no chip. Now the key will not come out of the ignition. I believe this is part of the security system. Anybody know how to get the key to release????? Please help out a couple of broke college students. Thanks.
  2. If it is the security system, you could try unhooking the battery. If the system draws power from the battery, unhooking it could release its grip on the key...

    This could be completely off base and irrelevant, but it is a thought....

  3. If it has a factory stereo, make sure you know the secuirty code BEFORE disconnecting the battery. usually a 5 or 6 number code. When you disconnect the battery and then rehook it back up the stereo will ask for the code. If you don't know the code (look in the manual) you will have to go to a honda dealership with proof of ownership and the VIN. A new Key with the chip will run you around $30.00 at most honda dealers.
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    Make sure the car is not in gear. If the shifter is not in PARK, the key will not come out of the ignition. Is it possible it got bumped out of park? -Hooch-
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    call or visit honda dealer,,,,they can help you
  6. Also check to make sure there is no pressure on the steering wheel from the tires. Just turn the wheel to take off the pressure as you try to remove the key.