Accidental First Musky

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    Caught my first Musky this morning while Bass fishing on Salt Fork Lake. I posted the story in the Southeastern Ohio forum, but the purpose of this post is to ask a few questions.

    The only measuring device on my boat is a bumper board for measuring tournament bass, so I didn't have anything long enough to measure this fish. I was going to measure it relative to a fishing rod, but I was too worried about getting it back into the water. Based on the pictures and measuring relative to my body, the fish should be somewhere between 36" and 42". (I think its closer to 36, dad is thinking more towards 42).

    Again, no way to measure girth, but maybe you guys can give me some kind of weight estimate based on the pictures and your numerous encounters.

    I also would like to know about some of the injuries this fish had. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, but it had a couple chunks out of one side of its body. I didn't investigate them enough to tell if they were a bite or a prop encounter, but they were each about 2" across.
    Also, this fish had a messed up mouth. On one side of its lower jaw, it had swelled 'gums' and was missing some teeth. It was also bleeding from somewhere around the mouth, you can see the blood on my gloves.

    Anyway, just wanted to get your thoughts at least on the weight. Thanks!
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    That is a heck of a prize to get while bass fishing! I'm not a muskie expert by any means, I just started fishing for them about 2 months ago... but I think they are territorial and fight each other for space. I've caught them with scars and caught one that was scarred and blind in one eye. The guys in the muskie clubs will be able to tell you for sure.
    Nice fish, congrats.

  3. I would guesstimate 39" and 19-20lbs.

    Congrats on your first muskie. It is THE one you will always remember.

    I must warn you though if you decide to start chasing them regularly. They will make you spend lots of money and give you many broken hearts. :)

    If you havn't already, visit the new MAL and register yourself...then get that muskie reported. Also, if you didn't know, your first Ohio muskie catch entitles you to a free membership in the OHMC for the remainder of the year in which you caught it. That means you could fish our Fall outing at Saltfork this month as a member :)

    Fall outing is the last weekend of this month.

    Congrat's on the fish...nice one. I'm with Weatherby on the size/weight estimate. If you want an accurate measurement, measure the width of your hand, then apply that to scale on how many hand widths that muskie is in your picture.
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    Beautiful fish! I would agree with Weatherby, right around 40 inches, 20 pounds. Way to go! How do you compare the strike and fight to a bass? :)
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    Way to go OSU Fisherman! Congratulations on an awesome musky! I agree with the others that this fish will go right about 40"s and approx 19-20lbs. Awesome!

    As for the sores, if they were back by the dorsal fin then they may have been old sore spots from where guys caught the fish in previous years and took scale samples from the fish. The ODNR used to collect the scale samples, but the new online registration process has elminated the scale sample collection process and this is a good thing. As for the sore mouth, again this fish has probably been caught before. From the sounds of it the fish will be fine. Also, it sounds like you got her back in the water quick which is good, but vertical holds can mess up a musky's swim bladder which can be a cause of delayed mortality, just an fyi.

  7. OSU_Fisherman

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    This one actually hit pretty light once and must have missed it... but then he nailed it on the second try a couple turns of the handle later. The fight was crazy. Lots of thrashing ... I actually thought I had a carp foul hooked until it jumped on the back deck of the boat and off the other side. The second half of the fight was pretty good.... a lot better since I was using a Medium action bass baitcasting rod.

    I have to say.... part of me wants to get into Musky fishing now. haha. There goes the rest of my $$. ;)

    I'm very glad you mentioned that. I was going to ask that very question but I completely forgot. Looking back, it spent very limited time held upright like that... and I was able to revive it pretty easily so I'm confident that it will live. Definitely a good thing to know for the next time!
    The marks I was talking about were not what I would classify as sores. I would consider them something more like 'chunks' taken out of its side. I'm just glad to hear that its not all that uncommon.