Accident, Boulevard, Human Head

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    just go with it I know its not perfect but I heard this thing about 20 nears ago

    Gnarly accident 20 car pile up, cars, bodies, and body parts everywhere, etc.

    1st patrolman gets there and starts taking notes (this is where its imperfect as normally they would assist people but whatever, if you come up with a better version post it).

    “95 mustang in boulevard” (act as patrolman, pretend to take notes, etc)

    “b-o-o-l-e-v-a-r-d No.”

    “b-o-l-l-e-v-a-r-d? – Nope”

    “B-o-u-l-v-a-r-d- No”


    Walking over to next car

    “02 Chevy Malibu in Boulevard”

    “B-o-o-l-e-v-a-r-d Nope”

    “B-o-o-l-l-v-a-r-d – No”


    Walking over to decapitated head

    “Human head in ditch”

    “D-i-c-h – Nope”

    “D-i-t-t-c-h- No”

    Looking around and over shoulders to see that no one is looking and then make a kicking motion.

    “Boulevard – b-o-u-l-e-v-a-r-d”

    Do it up, pretend to be writing notes in notebook, etc. Pretend to be writing "02 Malibu" "Human head", etc,etc.