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  1. Ok, so a buddy of mine just bought new property somewhere in the Chilocothe area and it looks like this may be my only option for this year to deer hunt. I just lost access to property, outside of Lauraville, that I've been hunting for 20 years, due to a couple other hunters that went to the owner and leased exlusive rights to keep everyone else out. Im going Sunday to check it out. The property is 12 acres with permission to hunt on the neighboring 60acres. I don't believe that anyone else has permision to hunt this land. Any advise on gaining some advantage on new land and getting ready for gun season, such as making a few mock scrapes, or laying down some of the new "baits" such as c'mere deer or similar products.
  2. Look up the property on google maps and look at the sat images to find the thickest area where bedding is likely. Set up between the bedding and feeding areas and wait.


  3. you gonna have any days off during gun season bill? you can go back down with me and brent im sure he wont mind, i can pretty much promise you will get a doe if your looking for meat this year, ive been seeing alot of them while down there bowhuntin had at least 15 shots on does from three stands at 20 yards this year i just been holding off for that big one.. had a nice 10 pt about 50 yards out on tuesday, pretty nice deer, ill probaly let em walk if i see him again but brent said hell go after him. seen a couple other bucks also, 8 ptrs, but plenty of does.
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    Unless you are hunting an area with almost no gun hunting pressure, which during gun season is a pipe dream, just look for travel corridors or funnels that constrict or dictate travel. Then sit watching that area, move around less than your neighbors do, and pick out which deer you want to shoot
  5. Our property is surrounded by other hunters. During gun season, we see a slew of deer because they are up moving around while we stay put in our stands. I will eat gronola bars and bologna sandwiches in the stand. I see no reason to leave when others are pushing deer. We always see alot of deer movement at 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, and within the last hour. If there are lots of hunters around you, I encourage you to just stay put all day.
  6. Lundy is right on. I'd look for "pinches" which naturally funnel the deer movement in your favor. Location is everything. Most of the property, like most areas on a given body of water, have the lesser amounts of movement. Find those most active areas and then find a way to maximize where you'd be when the movement happens.

    Good luck. I hope you have a great set of hunts.