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??? about white bass fishing.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tech187, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. I hear the white bass fishing can be really exciting if you catch them at the right time. I have never fished for them here in the central Ohio area, but would love to give it a shot. Can anyone give me some pointers on where to fish, what to fish with and what time of year is best? Thanks for any information. I have gotten a lot of great info from this website. Hopefully I can return the favor once I become more familiar with fishing in this area. Thanks again.
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    hoover(among others) has a great run in the spring,along with good jump fishing in the summer.hit big or little walnut creek in the upper end starting around mid april.or the "duck pond" down by the dam.small roadrunners, jigs/twitertails,spinners like roostertails,spoons(chrome or silver).
    white,yellow,chart. for jigs and spinners.if you have a boat,you can have a blast at daybreak and dusk,and sometimes anytime in between,jump fishing when there busting shad on top.

  3. Thanks for the info misfit. How long does the spring run usually last? I never seem to hear of people catching many white bass during the summer. I sure hope to hit them good in the spring at least once.
  4. TexasRigged

    TexasRigged Lover of all things wet.

    Deer Creek seems to have a really good white bass run also. Just upstream of the lake.
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    the run will last several weeks,but the bite can be on and off at times,depending on weather and water level fluctuation.
  6. misfit is right...i hit galena (north end of hoover) last year WHAT A BLAST!!!!
    plus i fish the spillway a lot all spring and summer. whitebass all
    look me up mid to late april i'll show you.
  7. Hey TexasRigged. when do the white bass run at Deer Creek? Wouldn't mind getting into some fast action!
  8. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I think when the water hits about 55° is when the wb turn on. Usually sometime near Easter, give or take a few weeks depending upon the weather. (2 weeks after is almost always good up to about May 20-30th)
    At least that's my experiance in SW OH. ;)
  9. TexasRigged

    TexasRigged Lover of all things wet.

    To tell you the truth not really sure oufisherman. I usually just watch the forums until someone reports they are catching them. As for what to use, I find that white rooster tails work the best.
  10. once the water warms up as long as they don't flood up stream. They usually run when I'm out there not catching nothing and other guys are catching left and right :mad:
  11. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    Went to Deer Creek last year. The parking lot was full and everyone I talked to caught 50 to 100 the day before. Nobody was catching much. I caught 4 or 5 little ones.
  12. Hey Snatch,
    Maybe we can hit it a day when they're running. Keep an eye and ear out for them!
  13. I have done well trolling shallow cranks in the south basin of Hoover. Hot days in early to mid-June seem to be prime time for those schooled fish. The key is to keep the baits up high, like 3-4 feet deep, not 8-12 feet like most boats I've seen (saugeye depths). If you can either troll with an electric motor or even better drift with a good southwesterly wind, you'll catch even more than with the outboard (when they're shallow).
  14. I live for whitebass fishing. I follow the W.B. all over the state. But as everyone know the water doesn't warm up the same all over the state at once,thank god. I usually start down below the dams in early april or sometimes in mid-march if the weather cooperates. I start at deer creek early in the season. Then go to indian lake then hoover and then I start to go to maumee river and sandusky river. If you want to catch a lot of W.B. you have to go to one of these rivers. I usually catch between 100-200 per night at the sandusky river in fremont. As a rule of thumb anytime you go on aw/b trip go to a bait store and get the phone number. This will save you a lot of time. If you go to ODNR web site they have update on the walleye and white bass run. Hoover and alum has been really good to me in the past. Stil with smaller baits if you can. I have used baits as small as 1/100th, with a bobber and 6lb test. I usually tie my own.

    Good luck and check the forums at least once a day
    Bryan :D
  15. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    toboso,i pick up fish by trolling cranks too.and seems like the fish average a little bigger many times.the area you mentioned is good for that,as are a couple places in the middle and upper pools.last summer i also boated lots of them by vertical jigging vibes and spoons in the middle pool.several others did well with that approach too.when you could get the spoon below them,the bonus was saugeyes that were laying down there picking up table scraps dropped by the whites ;)
    sometimes on those real hot sunny days,they will school up under the bridges,and make easy pickins also.
  16. if you wanna get on a real white bass run and put some #'s and size on the bank head below just about any dam on the Ohio River in april-early may. Most of the time you want have to fight with 20 other people for them either or have to get there at 5 am to get the good spot. All you need is a nice assortment of grubs, in-line spinners, or nice lively minnows (emerald shinners work the best I think). I have had days where me and buddies have caught well over 100 a piece and much larger than I have caught during the runs in central Ohio, and the great thing about the white bass run on the Ohio River, you can almost bet on gettin into a few hybrid also. Just something to think about if the rivers and creeks in central Ohio are way up this spring. Pike Island can be upwards of 24-26' and still be fishable under the dam. And when its those conditions the fish push in close and makes them pretty predictable.

  17. I have a feeling I may be one of the "others" that Rick is referring to. That white bass & saugeye bite at Hoover last summer was like nothing I've experienced in quite some time. The saugeye weren't huge but the white bass were. The bite got so hot that I switched to just a plain chrome jigging spoon. They kept tearing apart the spoons that had a clear coat / holographic finish. I still have a few in my box that look like they went through a meat grinder.
  18. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    White bass at Lake Erie, nothing like it anywhere. If you are ever up there and see the gulls diving and fish swarming on the surface make a cast. It doesn't matter what you throw just cast it in the middle of them and reel fats. If you misses it another will usually hit it before it gets back to the boat. You can litteraly catch a fish on every cast. Great fun but I can't figure out why anyone would want to eat one.
  19. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    you're right on the ball,terry :D ;)
    i was gonna name drop,but i figured maybe you catch the post and verify it with your experiences ;)
    that was a suprise to find that pattern work like that in the middle of the summer.i think old joe was killin' them like that for awhile before i discovered his "secret".
  20. I heard about the Hoover bite this summer, but baseball kept me from getting out much until October. Every trip during October/November, I caught a few white bass vertically jigging spoons in the middle section (points). I wish I could've been there during the summer bite!

    Does anyone get 'em at night (specifically at Hoover or Alum) or is it a daytime thing?