About ready to Move SOUTH

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  1. Like the old joke about the sailor. I am going to sling an auger on my back and head due south. Soon as nobody in the area can figure out what s on my back there where I stay.

    These no ice or poor & short ice seasons are really starting to bug me. Wife keeps saying if we move south you could fish all year. One reason I have not moved south is ice fishing. But the reason keeps getting weaker with stretches like this.

    That old dream of mine of having my boat in water all year and my own private dock is starting to awaken again. By the way I did mention once about moving to Minnesota. She replied that she hoped I would be happy with new wife. SIGH
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    its global warming:D

  3. ...If I were 20 years younger I would be on my way...C.L...
  4. I lived in the South... Florida AND Louisiana... I'm staying put!!!

    Let the dance begin.... ;)
  5. You should move north then :)

    Wintertime fishing down south is messed up more than 50% of the time by cold stormy or rainy weather too. Living in south Georgia my fishing was ruined atleast 50% of the time from the cold and bad weather during the winter....and then during the summer about 50% of the time because of the heat. But when the fishing was good,............ it was really good.
  6. If nothing else, just stay put and take up something like Chess or Bridge to fill in until ice forms or it is Springtime. :rolleyes: ;) :)
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    This time of year seems like were always in the flux, ice, no ice, warm, cold. Thats when I like to take trips north with my wife. A few days of the northern cold is all she wants to see but we have just as much fun on the getaway as we do fishing. Take a trip! :)