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    Do they allow Belly Boats?

    Thanks for any info;)
  2. i've read in other post that you can't use them in state parks. but i saw 3 different boats with trolling motors running there on sunday so who knows.

  3. That's odd-trolling motors aren't even allowed on kiser.not saying You are wrong though.I know guys do wade,but haven't ever seen a belly boat.
  4. ya i know but they were there.
  5. I have used a belly boat there b-4 with no problems. I have seen people who use trolling motors as well and it makes me mad as heck. The ranger on the lake does verry little to patrol this stuff.
  6. Yeah you are allowed to use belly boats on Kiser Lake. The only law is youre not allowed to use a belly boat in an area with Motor Boat Traffic ( Cant remember but there is a certain stipulation.. like lakes that allow for motors with over 20HP youre not allowed ). So Kiser, Clark Lake, etc youre fine.. Absolutely not any kind of motor though.
  7. I've seen belly boats several times. I fish out of my kayak there and I have seen people cheating using the trolling motors - especially at night. It isn't difficult to tell when you see a canoe zipping along and don't hear the splash of paddles/oars. How lazy can you be - this is more of a large pond than a lake - I can kayak from one end to the other in 15-20 minutes.

    I also see plenty of people drinking on the shores at night - look over by the dam, broken glass and beer cans everywhere. Makes me sick - if you have to drink while you fish, at least clean up you mess!!!
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    outside of the small campground, they do little to really patrol the place. IN the summer ill fish the shores almost every weekend at night for cats. NEVER have i seen a patrol come to my area. Im talking ive been fishing these couple spots for 8 years.
  9. never fished kiser, but have been by it on my way up to shadybowl, why dont they allow trolling motors on the lake? just curious
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    The lake was donated by this guy by the name of Kiser and he didn't want any motors on the lake I think...
  11. I know that the ohio dnr has tried to get it changed for years.They wanted to get changed to electric motors but the way it was wrote in the will, wont let it happen.
  12. I believe You are correct,when the property was given to the state,"no motors" which I have heard,but do not know for a fact was before trolling motor time.Yes,they have tried to allow trolling motors,but with no success,who knows,maybe forever?

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    belly tubes are cool to use there. My first trip there a couple years back I asked the rangers @ the boat house and they said have a good time.
  14. I like the no motor rule, keeps all the lazy @$$es off the lake and keeps it clean and prevents it from being overfished.

    Kiser would get REAL crowded REAL fast if they ever allowed electric motors.
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    you are correct. If they were to ever allow a motor out there and were caught, the state would lose the right to the lake and it would be givin back to the family of the previous owner (granddaughter or whomever).
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    Whereas I loath any publicity for the pond (too small, too fragile, too "legally" abused), I'm compelled to reply on the notion that the lake isn't patrolled.

    Several have commented on the current Ranger's incompetence and lack of overseeing, and they are correct. His management style would be more conducive to an amuesment park than a thriving bio-mass. The man hates shore-line vegetation, lilly pads, and pristine hiking trails (the horse-back riders are out of control on the North side). But, to his credit, the county game warden is more involved with regulation enforcement today than any time in the past. They seem to have a decent working relationship. I've had my license checked a few times in the last couple years, witnessed Tipton watching with his spotting scope through-out the Summer, and know of several boats busted for drinking and smoking pot while fishing (one after dark. Yes, he does use his night vision glasses at times!).

    That said, law enforcement is not your only worry if you decide to try and sneak in with your trolling motor. There are many of us locals who will not hesitate to approach you if we see it. In my experience, the couple that I have confronted honestly didn't know they were in violation and immediately returned to the ramp. The one a-hole who told me to F-off quickly had his OH number reported and got to meet the patrol boat with-in a half an hour (ain't cell phones grand!).

    Belly boats are fine, but I imagine they could be frustrating as the curly pond weed continues to proliferate into 8' of water. The invasion is an unfortunate by-product of Ranger Dork's war on lily pads, transported from Indian on his front line weapon, the pad combine. Never fear though, now we'll get annual applications of herbicides as dummy struggles to correct his mistake and resorts to chemical warfare.

    Gawd I miss Bill Kramer.